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Updated on: 03/14/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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  • There was a bit of growth, but it's clear that the site is no longer updating.

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These barebacking scenes are super intense, because many of them end with a creamy butthole getting Felched. Men also swap the cum that's been sucked fresh from a bum, which bumps up the raunchiness another notch. And there are lots of threesomes ending with double creampies. There's a lot to like about this site, but it also has some limitations.

For example, not all the 59 videos are of the same quality, so although a modest number offer good-quality playback, most are average or even lower in quality. There are also 59 photo sets with high-res images, so one for each video.

Another disappointing thing about the footage on Felched is that they don't all show felching. Sometimes you're just seeing a standard barebacking scene that ends in an internal cumshot that doesn't get slurped up. In one case, a guy simply shoots his load on the bottom's throat, so they really missed the boat on that one.

Still, I'm quite fond of the performers. If you're into bareback porn then this gang of Eastern Europeans will be familiar, because they appear on a lot of different websites. Rest assured that these scenes are exclusive, though, because many of them show the guys wearing T-shirts emblazoned with the sitename. I like these amateurs. Although they're generally slim, some have body hair.

In the pics you're going to see some great closeups of assholes dripping sperm. Some of the loads seem a bit too big to be the real deal, but, hey, some of these butts are being filled by two internal cumshots, so that could explain the voluminous cream. There aren't any Zip files and even if it's no deal breaker, I was a bit disappointed considering how much I'm into some of these hairy, slender boys.

I should mention that the site's interface is lacking in useful features. You can't save your favorites, sort the content, rate the scenes or even post comments. There are no keyword tags on the material and you won't find an advanced search engine. Worse yet, you can only move through the pages using "previous" and "next" links, which hardly makes for ideal navigation.

There hasn't been an update in years, but you get a bonus site now called Barebacked. If you like the intensity of the barebacking porn here then that site should also be right up your alley. After all, raw reaming and creaming inside a tight ass is always hot. Still, not everyone will be pleased that joining Felched requires liking scenes that don't always include felching.

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