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Updated on: 03/07/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
Number of Reviews: 1070
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Since we last visited GoldenPassions...

  • The website has a new design.
  • For some reason there are fewer videos and photo sets available and it appears they stopped updating.
  • You can't download the movies anymore.
  • A membership now includes almost 50 bonus sites.

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The sitename sounds more like a romance novel, but trust me, the porn here doesn't play out like your average Harlequin paperback. Well, unless your idea of romance involves pissing on your lover and drinking it down, because that's exactly the kind of action you'll find on Golden Passions.

Bodily fluids were never more fun than they are on GoldenPassions. There's no doubt that the folks here are passionate about peeing! They pee on each other, in each other's mouths and holes, and swallow it down. It makes them so horny that they end up fucking each other sometimes, or a guy will get a blowjob after unleashing his stream.

There are 117 videos on the website right now, but they removed the download option and now you can only stream them in an average-looking player. Nothing is dated, so I can't be sure of when the last update took place. However, there's less content on the site today, so it's likely they stopped posting altogether.

The movies can be found in their own section, but be patient while exploring, because if you aren't it might look like there are a lot less videos available to you. You see, all of them display on the same page, but they don't all load at once. You need to scroll to the bottom and then give the site a moment to load some more. It also loads ads here and there, so watch out for that.

The photo sets are displayed in exactly the same way as the videos. There are 44 sets of pictures at this point and they're full of high-res images that you can download in Zip files. The sets are quite large, too.

There's a nice mix of scenarios, including ladies who come into a doctor's office and end up getting "oral and fuck" therapy to help them pee. A few scenes take place outdoors and one shows a babe being used as a human toilet, complete with a toilet seat around her neck. One gal has her mouth kept open with a speculum and then proceeds to gargle the frothy pee poured into her mouth.

When you get done looking at the content, you can turn your attention to the bonus sites from the VIP Members network. There are nearly 50 of them, including Biohazard Bitches, Montreal Dream and Piss Whore Training.

This isn't just a site that has mostly sex, with some peeing. The majority of the videos keep the focus on piss and watersports. Whether you like seeing men or women urinating, there's a good mix here. Despite the lack of downloads, Golden Passions has a solid collection if you're a fan of pissing.

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  • Comment by: Kris

    Score: 90% Date: 10/22/2010

    One of the dozen of sites I joined over the years... These girls in the amateur sections are so hot and they actually seem to love the whole peeing thing... The professional section is not really my thing, because it features really ugly guys pissing on pretty girls...

    I'm personally most interested in lesbian pissing, which is what this site offers A LOT in the amateur sections... not just lesbians, but really cute girls, peeing on eachothers body and mouth... Weirdly these videos also have higher resolution than the professional videos. Then again, the pictures in the pro sections are MASSIVE.

    Voyeur section is a nice bonus... Overall good score, among the 5 or so pee sites I joined that are worth the money.