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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Are you a voyeur who loves to Spy On Guys? We're talking spying on men in all kinds of settings, like at the beach, in the locker room, in communal showers, at the urinal or even in a toilet stall. You'll see it all here recorded by spy cams. If you like to see cocks, both flaccid and hard, then these scenes are a virtual buffet of male genitals. You'll also see handjobs, blowjobs and glory-hole action.

SpyOnGuys has 1,134 full-length scenes to stream with poor-quality playback. There also doesn't seem to be any way to fast forward or rewind them. There are no photos either. I guess for some, the blurry footage may reinforce the idea that these are genuine examples of clandestinely shot vids. I bet some of the straight guys would be pretty ticked if they knew other men were watching them while they change or pee.

Here's your chance to ogle some hetero cock without risking getting your block knocked off. Sometimes, security cameras capture action in peepshows. One guy even puts his butt up to the glory hole. These scenes are in black and white, but you can hear the audio well enough. Many dudes like to watch straight or lesbian porn while being sucked off by another man.

There's also some raunchy flashing and cock sucking at the Southern Decadence event, a wild street party held every year around Labor Day in New Orleans. Similar to how women show their tits for beads during Mardi Gras, men show their dicks for necklaces. Some of those members look so meaty and juicy that the guys around them can't keep their lips off of them.

Updates seem to be about a month apart. There is also a five-day rental option, but it is temporarily unavailable while the site is being redesigned. You can select from several token packages in the meantime and they come in two forms. You make of one-time purchase of tokens or sign up for a recurring package charged to your site monthly. Leftover tokens do not roll over to the next month though. The voyeur flicks on Spy On Guys seem like the real deal, but spending money on them would be more appealing if they were better in quality.

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