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Wayne King 

By: Wayne King
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The opening of the lid. A little tinkle, then a stream. The last couple drops, a moment of silence, then a flush. These are some of the sweet sounds that can be heard outside of a bathroom when a lady goes number one. Sorority House Toilet gives you access into the room where the magic happens. Is it everything you think it would be? Read on and find out.

There are  287 videos to enjoy on SororityHouseToilet, a sizable increase from our last review. They have continued updating with a new video every few days, meaning there's always a reason to go back. As the name suggests, the cuties you’ll be spying on are in the 18 to 23-year-old age range. Depending on the scene, you may not see the babe’s face at all as many keep their heads down the entire time. You occasionally see some ass or the brief flash of pussy, but not much else.

Video quality has improved considerably over time and now the newer vids can be downloaded as Windows Media files that provide good-quality playback. Most scenes last two to five minutes, the average length of time it takes to piss, wash up and leave.

Bathrooms generally have good acoustics and the toilet is no different. The sound is excellent as you’re able to hear all those little things that make watching/listening to a gal use the washroom enjoyable. While many scenes give the impression of legitimate voyeurism, others have babes who are clearly acting for the camera.

One scene features a cute brunette with tattoos sitting down for a wee. She sashays her hips seductively while removing her pants and begins rubbing her tits during the urination. I’ve never asked a woman if they do that, but I assume it's not common. After she finishes and cleans up, she actually has to duck under the cord connected to the camera as she leaves. This is the exception, however, and most scenes have a "fly on the wall" feel.

Each scene comes with three to five vid caps for you to enjoy. They are quite large and actually capture some of the more delightful moments in a scene, like the look of relief on a babe’s face as she unleashes her bladder or when she’s about to dab her pussy dry.

While Sorority House Toilet will leave you satisfied,it all comes down to what you're looking for. If you're looking for the true voyeur experience, you will be disappointed at times. However, if you love watching and hearing gals pee on the toilet, you’ll enjoy the content and consistent updating.

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