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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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When you read a name like Spank Sites, you might assume you're getting a multi-access mega-site. However, we all know what assuming does: It makes a red and bruised ass out of me and you. In the (spanked, caned and paddled) end, you get a modest selection of movies taken from various spanking websites. You'll see lots of schoolgirls punished, an all-American cheerleader taught a lesson and even a Polish au pair spanked by her boss.

SpankSites has 27 videos to download in Windows Media or RealPlayer format with mediocre to high-def playback. It just depends on where the vid was sampled from, like, for example, if it comes from HD Spank then you're going to get top-notch quality. The theme of the spanking action also is affected by the site, so, for instance, Slut Spanking brings you girl-on-girl spankings.

Other sites, such as Spanking Online, Spank Pass and Brit Spank, have less specific themes, beyond offering a mix of spanking, caning, leather straps and wooden paddles. I should also mention that sometimes you'll see the full-length scene and other times you'll only be seeing a part of it.

Whichever you choose, you're generally going to see a severely punished little bum. Rosy-red butt cheeks, some black-blue bruising and even some raised welts on tender nubile tushies abound. Sometimes, the women are punished by men, but often it's one of their own who meters out the discipline. At least one scene shows a Master disciplining two naughty hotties. Most of the time the bottoms are bare except for the chick in her stars-and-stripes cheerleading outfit.

There are no photos or even vid caps, so you're left to pick which one to watch next based on the thumbnails and titles. At least you can normally guess by the look of the disembodied hand (if you can't see the whole body) coming from one side of each thumbnail whether the punisher is male or female.

New scenes are added about once a month. You might wonder why you would join this site and I can only come up with one plausible reason: Some of the content comes from sites that are much more expensive. The price of Spank Sites is so low that it might be worth checking out as an inexpensive preview of much better sites.

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