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Charlie Black 

By: Charlie Black
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Spanking DVD touts itself as the world's cheapest spanking site. It's certainly the cheapest I've seen in a very long time. When shopping, though, the cost isn't the only thing you need to consider. Quality is very important, especially when it comes to porn - but I don't need to tell you that, do I?

I'm happy to report that SpankingDVD actually does provide high-quality flogging fare, but just not very much of it right now. When you sign-in, everything is presented in a manner that even the most Internet-surfing-challenged individual will find a breeze. On a down note, it's a bit garish with some advertising links, a very plain white background and lots of big neon block text. But we're here for the spanking, so let's get to it!

Currently there are just 18 movies of chicks getting their bottoms whipped, spanked, "slippered" and caned. The quality of the Windows Media files is great, so be sure to save all of them. It would have been nice to be able to stream them, too.

Below each large thumb that previews the movie is a link to save the images from the spanking session. At first you may think you're getting pics, but unfortunately they're just vid caps. Since you can't view them online, you may as well just download the movie, because the time difference in saving them isn't that significant. In any case, the captures don't look too bad.

The scenarios vary, so while you might find a movie or two that is clearly shot in a studio with lighting equipment and such for a "practice spanking," there are also plenty that are scripted, my favorite being "Ladies Finishing School."

A schoolgirl has been misbehaving and the headmaster brings her into his office for a good spanking, which progresses to caning. Her ass is completely exposed and as in all the movies, you get a good look at those bright red bottoms and sometimes pussies too.

There are no bonuses and the tour page states that the site updates regularly. That seems to mean at least once a month in the case of this site. Also, some of the content comes from the parent company and is shared with their other sites. Regardless, when you weigh the cost of membership against what you're getting, it's pretty easy to recommend Spanking DVD.

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