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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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When a girl misbehaves, she's sometimes merely craving attention. Other times it might just be her slightly masochistic (back) side shining through and she almost seems to beg, "Cane My Bottom!" She yearns to feel the sensation of stiff wood biting into her flesh with each resounding crack. She will savor the remembered pleasure of her punishment as she caresses her reddened butt cheeks later in the day, giving herself a nasty twinge of pain each time she touches her bruises and swollen welts.

CaneMyBottom has 17 great-quality videos to download in Windows Media format. The haughty expressions of naughty young ladies are soon replaced with wincing moans, even if many of them arch their back so their bums are made into even more accessible targets.

Spare the rod and spoil the schoolgirl is a recurring theme with cuties punished by headmasters or headmistresses. Short plaid skirts flipped up and panties pulled down reveal sweet asses and a rear view of juicy pussy.

I have my favorites, like the scene with four baddies getting their bums beaten. One girl is wearing a stars and stripes two-piece bathing suit to show that, unlike the others, she's from the U.S. not the U.K. After she sees the other cuties punished, she must endure a bare bottom thrashing. When asked afterwards if she'd like to move to England, she answers with an emphatic "Yeah!" I guess she likes how the English cane her American ass.

I also like the shoot where a girl kneels on a chair while a sexy mature babe beats her butt first with her bare hand and then with a rattan switch. The girl is very pretty in her powder-blue sweater and matching plaid kilt, her hair in pigtails and white knees socks.

Despite her remorse, she is shown no mercy for writing her homework in black pen instead of blue. I only wish that the same shoot came in photos, but there are decent vid caps. You have to download the Zip file to view them.

Nothing is dated, so for now I'll assume they're adding new content weekly. There are no bonus sites, only special offers to sign up for other sites. I think that some of these scenes appear elsewhere on other sites in the network. Cane My Bottom has some lovely nubile bottoms covered in red welts. I only wish that there were more of them.

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