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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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There are certainly quite a few angelic qualities to Rosaleen Young, such as her long, flowing hair, wide eyes and pouty lips, but her behavior can really be less than virtuous a lot of the time. However, once I saw how this naughty nympho gets punished on Caned Angel, I wouldn't want it any other way. This cutie gets her cheeks bruised and battered time and time again, allowing for some very enticing spanking content.

From tennis shoes to canes to straps to, of course, hands, there is certainly quite a bit of implements used on CanedAngel. This naughty vixen dresses up in period clothes and other costumes and they are always pulled down or up to expose her curvy ass. The ladies doing the spanking are none too forgiving either. When Rosaleen cries out and arches her back in pain, they barely give her a moment before they resume the battering.

Rosaleen has a fantastic set of ass cheeks and to watch them bounce and redden with every smack is indeed something to see. She has a cute voice, too, with a sexy British accent. Of course, you are mostly hearing her cry out in pain as her tender bottom gets punished.

There are 65 episodes of this angelic babe getting spanked by another gal. Sometimes Rosaleen is the naughty maid, cheerleader or daughter and other times she is happy to dress up in skimpy outfits and smack her own ass with a heart-shaped paddle. The videos can be streamed or you have the option of saving them in great-quality Windows Media files. Each video is accompanied by a high-res photo set.

I have a thing for naughty maids and Rosaleen plays that role perfectly. Dressed in a sexy French maid's outfit, she is caught stealing food from her boss. Bent over the kitchen table with her tender tush exposed, her soft ass is properly spanked until it burns bright red.

I can't tell how often the material is being posted since none of the episodes are dated. There is already enough spanking content up on Caned Angel to warrant a month's membership at least. Hopefully they do update on a regular basis.

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