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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Sure, we all like looking at pictures of asses reddened by a good hard spanking, but really a video of the actual spanking itself is a much more exciting thing. On Video Spankings, guess which one you get?

In case I was a little too vague before, VideoSpankings is a site that has videos of spankings. As obvious as it is to say that, it feels almost as obvious to tell you that the participants of the videos are British. It seems like every second spanking site I get comes to us from the U.K. Not that I am complaining at all. Combining hot chicks, spankings and those sexy accents works very well for me.

What doesn't work well, though, is the fact that there are only 15 movies available. Now, the site FAQ states that movies are added regularly, but nothing is dated. However, I have learned that they are doing monthly updates.

I guess that could be considered regular if they are consistent with it, but that doesn't make it good or often enough. There aren't any photo sets. The good news is that the quality of the videos is excellent and the price tag is very low.

Each vid can be streamed in a Flash player or downloaded in five different formats. The best one is the HD Windows Media option, but the others ones aren't slouches and won't disappoint either. There is an iPod format option as well.

The movies all range between four and 12 minutes and generally have some little setup that leads to the spanking (a disobedient student, friends that want to try spanking, etc). The setups are all pretty typical, but they take very little time getting to the spanking - and the spanking itself is very nice.

This is straight spanking action. Mostly hand-to-ass, but there are some nice leather utensils and a brush or two used throughout that adds to the great smacking sound and the whimpering "ouch" that follows. Asses generally get nice and red.

There aren't any bonus sites and with the minimal amount of content it is hard to recommend Video Spankings. But the price tag is very low and they are updating - albeit too slowly.

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