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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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When it comes to porn, there are a lot of things that can happen after a chick bends over. Given that fact, it might not be obvious what Bend Over Girl is all about till you actually go and check it out. Once there, you will discover that after these babes bend over, they get a spanking.

Although after – and sometimes even before – I spank a chick I like to fuck her in that sexy bent over position, BendOverGirl doesn't deviate from the butt-smacking path. In fact, the partial or full nudity of the smackee isn't reciprocated by the smacker (which is good when that smacker is an old fat man, as is sometimes the case).

This site, and its participants, are from the U.K., so be prepared for a sexy accent as well as a sexy ass on all the chicks bending over for a butt beating. While some scenes make some effort to script a little scenario, others just go right into it. Either way it is generally amateur productions with good spanking, caning, paddling, etc.

Video quality is great, but there are only 22 videos to check out at this point. There are no dates and no mention of what's coming soon, so getting an update schedule is tough. However, I'll assume weekly updates for now.

Each video can be downloaded in a Windows Media file and comes with a set of vid caps. Some of the vid caps are really big, so they look pretty good, but others are smaller and look like blurry vid caps.

There aren’t any bonuses and normally that, plus the small amount of content, would have me telling you to wait for it to grow before signing up. However, given how low the price tag is, if you want to see some spanked British chicks then you probably couldn't find anything cheaper out there. So, it wouldn't hurt to give Bend Over Girl a look.

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