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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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The babes on Spanking Tunes get their bare bottoms spanked, paddled and caned and the spankers get a soundtrack to keep their swings in time. Each scene plays a different kind of tune to go along with all of the ass punishment, but will this spanking porn site be music to your ears? Let's find out, shall we?

The music on SpankingTunes ranges from pop numbers to haunting classical ballads to folk and funk melodies and more. Although the songs provide a nice ambiance for which to spank by, I found that at times it drowned out the dialogue between the gal and her spanker. You could still hear every crisp smack, but sometimes the words got lost in the music.

The babes getting their tender tushies thrashed all seem to be Brits and the site divides the action into six categories that include schoolgirl, domestic, gal-on-gal, amateur erotic bums and stills-to-music. There are a total of 72 videos that can be streamed in a good-looking Flash player and about 59 of them can be downloaded in average to great-quality Windows Media files. There are no photos, but hey, spanking isn't all that satisfying to watch in images anyhow.

The chicks all have an amateur allure and although they aren't pros by any means, they can take a caning or harsh spanking like champs. They mutter an appropriate "ow" after every well-placed swing and you can see some of them wince, but their steely resolve and quiet demeanor really drove the action home for me.

One particular chick stuck in my mind, or at least her pinched, red ass cheeks did, since I never really got a good look at her face. She wears a school uniform and gets her plump backside caned something fierce. Her pussy and ass look incredible bent over, with her toned thighs flexing with every swing of the cane. The uplifting piano ballad that plays in the background contrasts nicely with her moans.

None of the material is dated, so I couldn't really determine an update schedule, but there is already enough content on Spanking Tunes for a spanking good time. The membership fee is very reasonable, too, so avid spanking fans should stop by and see how this site hits them.

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  • Comment by: Jonn

    Score: 1% Date: 01/21/2013

    How the fuck does this site be on an even keel with spank Amber's sites? What a joke some of you reviewers are, sort it out FFS! This site is rubbish rehashed shit from the xerotics school of rip off spanking! You didn't mention that!