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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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When it comes to Girls And Makeup there are two schools of thought. There are those who prefer women without makeup and those who think a woman in makeup is the way to go. This site is, in a way, is made for both sides.

GirlsAndMakeup focuses on the act of sexy chicks putting on makeup. As such, you often get to admire the natural beauty of the women at the start of their vids. As their videos progress, you get to witness how their looks tranform with a little help from cosmetics. Not all babes start things off without any makeup at all, but even those chicks look noticeably different by the time their flicks come to an end.   

There are 61 videos and while most of them feature chicks putting on their own makeup, others have a makeup artist doing the work. There are silent scenes and also ones in which two models chat while they make themselves up. Either way, the camera generally focuses on the face or faces. Just so you know, most movies don't have any nudity, so you're likely to see the girls in street clothes or a bra.

The videos can be streamed in a pop-up Flash player and also downloaded in a gorgeous HD Windows Media format. There is also a lower, but still good-looking, option if you have a slower connection. A little more than half the flicks come with pictures, so you can count on getting 33 photo galleries that you can download in Zip files. 

As for updating, I can't be sure since there are no dates or any mention of an update schedule. However, it seems as though they've only added two scenes since the fall of 2010. That's too bad, but you can take some comfort in knowing that there are a dozen bonus sites, including Smoking Models, Models Mouths and Models Bums.

There's some sensational content on Girls And Makeup, but its lack of growth is pretty disappointing. It's an interesting concept and one I haven't seen before, but you might be ready to move on once you've seen all the beauties apply their makeup.

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