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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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I've done a lot of traveling in my time and have seen many corners of this great planet of ours. I have been up mountains, I have been up in the air quite often, and on a few occasions I have found myself up shit's creek. However, one place I have definitely not been to enough is Up Models Skirts.

Not to brag, but my hands, my tongue and my manhood have had the pleasure of exploring under the skirts of some actual models. (Catalogue models count, right?) But on UpModelsSkirts the only thing doing any exploring behind the fabric is a camera.

The intro on the tour page says it all when they state that this is a "website where you won't find any nudity or stripping. Just gorgeous women giving you sexy up skirt teases." If that idea interests you, then we have the makings of a worthy site. Although, it isn't there yet.

There are 31 videos and although they claim to update at least once a week, the numbers have barely changed since September 2010. It seems likely that updating stopped, but even if that isn't the case, they might be coming months apart. The good news is that each movie comes with a gorgeous HD download option. Also, there are lower-quality options and you can stream the videos in a pop-up Flash player if you don't want to wait for the downloads to complete.

The movies are rather short (averaging about five minutes), but are very focused on giving you a good look up the models' skirts. Some of the vids are voyeur-esque in that the camera just follows the babe as she walks around or sits and reads or cleans up. Then there are some that have the them playing to the camera directly.

At first glance, it seems as though all the vids come with pictures, but that isn't quite the case. In fact, there are only 16 photo sets. At least the images look really good. You can download them in Zip files if you want, so that's handy.

As a bonus, your membership gets you access to more softcore sites, like Models Bums and Models Mouths. There are eight in all and they're all part of the Tease Glam network. They definitely add value to a membership because there's only enough on Up Model Skirts to last you a month or so.

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