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By: Will Peters
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Almost all the content on Smoking Models is exclusive to the website, but you might see a few of the same scenes on sites like Cigar Models and Elegant Smoking, which are two of the four additional sites included with a membership. It's amazing to see such a vast collection of ladies puffing away on cigarettes. Sure, you'll see some topless hotties, naughty lingerie and revealing bikinis, but the focus remains the inhaling lips, the clouds of smoke and burning ends of cigs.

SmokingModels has 981 videos and most of them can be downloaded as HD Windows Media files. Only a few of the oldest vids are average-looking. You can also download about 190 photo sets in Zip files and they come with crisp, high-res images. All the episodes show a link to photos, whether they have them or not.

Whether they're smoking Marlboro Reds or Lights, the models always go for the ladylike 100s. Personally, there are two kinds of female smokers I appreciate the most: the multitasking chicks and those who can do smoke tricks. The sign of a true smoker has to be her ability to do other things while she smokes. On this site, you'll mostly see women applying makeup while they puff away. There is something sexy about a gal with a cigarette dangling from the corner of her mouth as she expertly applies eye shadow. It takes a certain skill to not let the smoke get in her eyes and these chicks are all pros.

I've smoked for many years and probably only managed to blow smoke rings a couple of times. Granted, I normally only try when I've had a few drinks. At any rate, you'll find some cuties who know how to do it with ease. Considering the shape their lips have to make, I'm not surprised I can't do it well. You sort of need to make your mouth look like it belongs on a blowup doll.

Rebecca and Jemma come up with a trick that's even sexier - they blow the smoke into each other's mouths. I've never seen anyone try this with cigarettes, only weed, but it certainly looks as intoxicating. One wrong slip and they'll end up kissing, which is probably what makes it so erotic to watch.

The website was updating four times a week for a while, but it has now gone almost two weeks without adding any new scenes. I imagine that there'll be more material on the way eventually. It's probably just a matter of time. Should you find yourself waiting for new vids and pics, you can take a look at those bonus sites that I mentioned before.
You'll be hard pressed to find a better Smoking Models brings you models who are smoking hot and these babes will definitely have you addicted after only a few puffs. You'll be hard pressed to find a better smoking site on the market than this one, so give it a look if you love to watch pretty girls puff away.

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