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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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They say that where there's smoke, there's fire. If the sight of a beautiful woman inhaling on a long, slim cigarette and then exhaling puffs of smoke ignites your imagination, Elegant Smoking will light your fire and leave your desire burning out of control. Some babes are naked or topless, while others model lingerie or swimsuits, but the shoots really focus on smoking. There may be the rare lesbian kiss, but nothing distracts from the fetish.

ElegantSmoking has 439 movies and they all give you HD playback. Most of the smokers are enjoying super-long, slim cigs, we're talking 120s, so they can really make them last. You'll see them light up and I like it best when they use matches (especially wooden ones) instead of lighters. There's just something about the sound of a match being struck, the sizzle as the cigarette paper begins to burn and then seeing the woman blow out the flame.

Most of the scenes have very few distractions, so you'll feel as if you're sharing each and every drag. The models often stare directly into the camera as they take a long, languorous haul. You'll feel like they can see you and are performing a flirtatious gesture. Some babes do other things while they smoke, like apply makeup or drink wine. Still, most of the time, it's just pure smoking without any smoke or mirrors getting in the way.

You can download 284 photo galleries in Zip files and they have high-res images. They capture the smoke in explicit detail and show each lady's technique. I like the girls who French inhale - there's just something about seeing that mouthful of smoke slowly drift up from slightly parted lips into delicate noses. I also think it's sexy when a babe can do dragon exhaling (keeping her mouth closed to exhale only through her nostrils).

The website hasn't updated in over a week at this point, but it was updating more often not that long ago. In fact, eight videos were added to the collection over 30 days. It isn't quite clear when you'll get new movies, but you can keep busy with two bonus sites, namely Cigar Models and Smoking Models. You'll see some of the same scenes on them, but they still offer loads of exclusive material. Elegant Smoking may be hazardous to the health of your eyes, because excessive masturbation can lead to blindness.

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