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Updated on: 01/06/2015

A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
Number of Reviews: 1376
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Since we last visited MILFsLikeItBlack...

  • The site looks to have stopped updating.
  • More sites have been added to the bonus network.
  • There's still plenty of value in a membership even with the lack of growth.

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Porn has taught me many things and one of them is that everybody likes black dick. From coeds to grannies and from dudes to trannies, everyone wants the chocolate cock. So it should come as no surprise when you stumble upon a site called MILFs Like It Black - and those experienced pussies do like to be filled to the brim.

The site looks good and is easy to navigate - once you find the actual site. You land on the network's homepage when you first sign in, so from there just click on "view all sites" in the dropdown menu and scroll to the bottom of the page where you'll find all the black-loving MILFs under the "Mofos Originals" header.

All the scenes here are scripted. MLIB is an escort agency with a stable of black dudes and MILF clients who need their services. The videos play out like some kind of reality show with lots of interviews and the performers being aware of the cameras. Sure it isn't real, but these guys have fun and it comes across throughout the scenes, even before the sexy time starts.

There are 133 scenes and each one comes with a set of high-res pictures and a video. The videos come in multiple formats and you can download them in Windows Media files, MP4s (which can also be streamed through an embedded Flash player) and, in the case of some of the oldest updates, 3GPs. The best of the options gives you high-def playback.

You get access to the rest of the Mofos Network, which is a big plus given they include the likes of Can She Take It, Pervs On Patrol and Real Slut Party. The material throughout the network is generally excellent and well produced.

There's a ton to see and you can keep track of it all by saving your favorites. You can also rate the content and leave comments, so the only thing missing here is an advanced search engine. Aanother thing missing is updates, given that the main collection hasn't grown in about a year now.

The hardcore dark-dicking on MILFs Like It Black is great, as is the quality of the action, so it's too bad they're no longer updating. Throw in the bonus sites and there's no reason not to check this one out.


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