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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Old Macdonald had a farm, eee I eee I oooo. And on that farm he had Lustful Cows. Eee I eee I oooo. With a "oh ya fuck me hard" here and a "I'm out of breath, does anyone have some pie?" there. Here a "oh ya fuck me hard," there a "I'm out of breath, does anyone have some pie?" everywhere a "cum all over my big tits." Old Macdonald had a farm, eee I eee I ooooooooooooo.

To be honest, I did take some liberties with my Old MacDonald LustfulCows song parody. Given that they don't speak English in the scenes, I can't be sure if they say, "Oh ya fuck me hard" or "I'm out of breath" or "does anyone have some pie?" However, the first one is a pretty reasonable assumption and the last one I went with because there are pictures of dessert all over the site – even if not in the actual scenes.

At this point there are 10 photo sets and eight videos available. The site is new, but they are updating every five days with a new video or photo sets (oddly enough they don't look to be alternating between a video and photo set, but rather multiple updates of one, then multiple updates of the other).

While I did come across one mediocre-looking video, the rest were all excellent in quality and could be streamed on the site in a Flash player or downloaded in a HD Windows Media format. The files are large and take time to buffer when streaming, so you will have to wait if you want to do any skipping ahead.

The scenes are a mostly one-on-one, but there are some in which one big babe takes on a couple of dudes. The performers are all pretty amateur looking and their sizes vary from a little chubby to very obese.

There is a bonus section, but, unfortunately, all I found there were four extra videos – two chubby women ones, an older chick and one coed-looking hottie. These four vids are all downloadable.

Those of you looking for big chicks in hardcore action will appreciate the HD quality of the movies here. However, the minimal amount and the lack of any real bonuses will make it so that Lustful Cows has a ways to go before it is worth it.

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