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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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I live in an apartment and I have to tell you that not once have I come home and found my apartment drunk. Now, maybe I am just lucky enough to have a tea-toting abode, or maybe Drunk Home Party doesn't actually refer to a bunch of dwellings getting together to pound down vodka shots till they can't remember who they provide shelter to.

Although I can easily tell you what DrunkHomeParty isn't, telling you what it is is a little more complicated. Sure, there is drinking involved, but the drunken aspect of the sitename sometimes seems much more real than others.

In fact, based on the first two scenes I checked out, I was going to report that the content all seemed pretty staged and the drunkenness of the ladies was barely believable. Then, however, I checked out a couple more vids (I like to be thorough) and found chicks who were definitely plastered as they fumbled their way through a hardcore encounter with a dude who definitely had to do most of the work.

The quality of the filming, the lighting and the performances also vary. I even saw one scene with no money shot (I guess the dude was just as drunk as the babe he was banging). The one thing that they all have in common is that the performers are Russian amateurs and the content is all nonexclusive.

There are 33 videos at this point and it has been that way for a while now, as there hasn't been an update in almost a year. Each episode comes with a video to download in a average-quality Windows Media format or stream in a Flash player. There aren't any pics, but there are sets of vid caps, or "scrins" as they call them.

Site design is fairly straightforward and navigation shouldn't be a problem. Your membership also gets you access to the entire Teen Mega World network. There are 33 additional sites to enjoy in all and they include the likes of AT Movs, Drunken Teen Orgies and 18 First Sex.

There is some great to be said about Drunk Home Party, but the website is a little small and isn't updating these days - they are just rotating the content. It also doesn't help that for every true drunk scene with good fucking, there is one with no money shot and no real drunkenness.

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