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Attention all mobile device owners! Erotic photography is on the move - straight to your mobile device thanks to the good people at iHegre. My condolences to those unfamiliar with the parent site Hegre Art, because I'll bet you my iPhone that you'll have a very hard time coming across goddesses as divine as the ones on this artistic softcore photography site.

iHegre differs from a lot of other mobile sites not just by bringing you top-quality erotic photography, but also by being programmed in such a way that it's always best suited for the type of mobile device you own. Even though it uses the same URL, the design and navigation are completely different on an iPad compared to your smartphone. Both versions look great (with the iPad version having the sleeker design), but both also come with a series of problems.

When you first login to the mobile phone version (it works on all portables, but is originally intended for iPhones specifically), it gives you a loading message even after the page has fully loaded. In actuality, this doubles as a landing page, so you have to click on the word "loading" to be taken back to the homepage. From there, you can click on several sections, including the photos, main movies and massage-themed movies.

When you reach a section, more often than not, the page automatically selects the first scene and takes you there. The easiest way around this is to use your browser's back button. Every scene has its own page with a large preview photo and write-up describing either the action or premise (sometimes both). As for the section pages, a stack of updates list the scene titles and a smaller version of that same preview photo help you distinguish one scene from another.

Several scenes show up on the section's main page, but it's a major pain to navigate the older material due to the fact that you can only scroll and add more scenes to that single page. If you were to check out a video and then return to the section, you would have to reload every older update all over again in batches of 10 or so.

We often rag on having to rely on "back" and "next" links for mobile sites, but even this would be a massive improvement. The iPad version uses the same form of navigation, but I'd argue that the color scheme and clarity of the preview images make it more enjoyable. They're also in rows of four, so it's somewhat faster to browse.

There are 515 movies and more than 3,300 galleries featuring some of the most gorgeous photos I've seen in a while. Everything you'll find is softcore posing and unbelievably hot. The settings are well-chosen because even though they could never be quite as stunning as the models, they come pretty close. The pics are absolutely gorgeous in each set. They may look small at first, but just tap the center of the image and it enlarges. There are usually around 45 pics in a set.

The streaming 3GP movies look really great on the iPhone I used. You have two options: a 3GP format and a "WiFi" format that is either a better-quality 3GP or an MP4 file. The WiFi files vary in quality, but most look excellent.

While the iPad version supposedly offers HD and other file formats, the problem that none of the movies can be played on an iPad or any other tablet. There aren't any file links anywhere on the scenes' pages. However, the iPad version lets you switch to the desktop version at any time and you can watch the scenes without any problems.

There are 225 models and it's pretty easy to check 'em all out. There's an advanced search engine on the iPad version, but not on the iPhone one. I saw many European women and there are quite a few with furry bushes, but those who like their chicks smooth will find many shaved pussies to drool over as well.

There's a lot of masturbation, but otherwise there are more tame (but not lame!) shots of women on the beach, in their bedrooms, sprawled on rooftops in exotic-looking locations and more. Eighty-one of the movies are found in the massage section, which shows lingam and yoni massages being handed out to beautiful babes and guys. The handjobs and pussy fingering going on there are the closest things you get to hardcore.

It's unclear how often either version of the site updates, but given how it gets you the exact same content as the desktop version, it's probably safe to assume that they update at the same time, so you can expect to see another amazing photo set every day of the week, while movies are added once a week.

Despite its navigational flaws, iHegre provides an enjoyable mobile experience and is every bit as good as its parent site, so keep rechargin' that mobile device because you'll never want to log off!

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