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Updated on: 08/05/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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  • We're still seeing videos being added, but they aren't being posted as often. Also, there are now fewer archived cam shows to check out.

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Brandi Love is a swinging MILF who's "a proud mom and wife." She's also a fiscal conservative and wild in the sack. Fortunately, her personal site focuses on the latter quality. I'm all for a balanced budget, but I would rather see porn than listen to politics, especially when it stars a horny blonde with 34DD tits.

If you agree, you'll get to do a lot of that on BrandiLove because it has 1,003 videos (499 in the video section and 504 archived cam shows) and 961 photo sets. It's set up like a social network, complete with Facebook-style chat and the ability to "friend" other members, but it's easy to cut right to the porn. Just click the tabs marked "videos" or "photos" in the yellow banner.

Alongside Brandi's movies, you'll find material from her "sexy swinging friends," like Kelly Madison, mixed into the collection. The video section also has "members videos" and you can choose to view them with her content or see them separately.

Some of the movies can only be streamed in an embedded Flash player, but there are ones that you can download as well in Windows Media, QuickTime and MP4 formats. Brandi's earlier work can be pretty low in quality, especially if you opt for the MP4 files. However, a good percentage of the flicks offer good-quality playback and there are some that are even in HD.

If you watch enough movies, you can see Brandi getting pounded one-on-one while wearing black lingerie, getting down and dirty with other hotties, engaging in hot group sex, sucking a cock POV-style and doing a whole lot more. Some non-nude vignettes about her personal life, like her trip to the grocery store, are also included.

Brandi's other MILF pals can be checked out in the photo section. The pics look crisp in their online viewer, but they look even better if you download them and you often get high-res versions. Unfortunately, you can't download them in Zip files.

Another cool feature worth mentioning is her comprehensive system for tracking your favorites. You can add pretty much anything you want to a favorites section, not just movies and photos. Things like your favorite people, blog posts, directory items and group topics can all be saved for easy reference.

My favorite goody has to be Brandi's lifestyle guides. From thoughts on etiquette to adult club listings, she could convert anyone by making sure they swing with style. You can check out all this material while you wait for updates. It's been quite some time since some new pictures were posted, but a couple of videos have been added to the overall collection in the last 30 days. You can also check out live cam shows, but Brandi doesn't perform on a regular schedule.

There are a couple of navigational issues that I am not so in love with. Every time you click on something you get a popup advertising other sites, which is quite distracting. Also, when navigating the video or photo section, you can skip right to the first or last page, but otherwise you can only move ahead or back by a few pages at a time. This makes it annoying to get to the content in the middle.

Brandi Love has made some top-notch porn and she's brought together an amazing community that's more fun than any PTA meeting. Give her website a look if you enjoy watching a swinging MILF get off in a variety of ways.

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