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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Ever been to a museum and stared at the art and thought to yourself, "I don't get it"? Well, when you stare at the Art Lingerie content, you most definitely will "get it."

Gorgeous women, sexy lingerie and great photography. There is nothing not to get when it comes to the beauty of the ArtLingerie action. The only question is, is it what you are looking for or interested in? Let's see.

Do you prefer photos to videos? If yes, then stick around 'cause so far there are only 232 videos compared to around 663 sets of pictures. The good news is that the content on both fronts is excellent. The pics are high-res and the videos are down loadable in a gorgeous HD Windows Media file. You can also stream the videos in Flash and save them in an MP4 format meant for your mobile devices, but they're not high-def even though they're labeled as such.

In case you were wondering, the videos are simple and sexy, slow stripteases, which is very much just a video representation of what the photo sets are. In each set, some beautiful babe (sometimes two) begin in lingerie and then slowly removes it throughout the set until their naughty bits are in full view of the camera, even though some of the lingerie is still on (the stockings, garter, etc).

Site design is nice and navigation is pleasant with a clean look, menu buttons and various thumbnails and viewing options. There are also some nice features that allow you to filter your search. They look to be updating about five times a week these days (usually only one of those is a video). In the past, they added new content every two days or so.

There aren't any extras, but they offer a feature called "fasttrack," which allows you to get access to five photo sets a month before they go live. If you see a babe who has a set coming soon you can access it by using one of your fasttracks and you will be able to enlarge the thumbnails and enjoy the set right away. They also offer a permanent fasttrack, but it costs extra. Art Lingerie is a very good softcore, nude photo site.


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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: Cunning Linguist

    Score: 75% Date: 11/16/2014

    The majority of the content on Art Lingerie is like your cute (to very cute, or borderline quite hot) wife or girlfriend, that is not really model material, went to see a photographer to have a set of naughty photos and a video done as a sexy surprise for you.

    That's with the exception of a few women that are truly model material, and have just top notch bodies.

    This pretty much sums up all of the "Only All" network of sites, to which Art Lingerie belongs. If you're an existing Only All member, it's a bit of a piss off that this site is billed separately from the rest of the network, as the content isn't really different from the other site. The quality of the photography and the background setting just happens to be better.

    If you enjoy seeing everyday cute girls in their lingerie, this might be the site for you. There's a wide variety of women. You're sure to find a model that looks like the office cutie you know, or a female friend of yours.

    For me, a one month membership was all it took to download all of the content I wanted. I have no urge to subscribe to this long term.

    As for the Fasttracks, it's not quite the scam that other reviews made it out to be. It's more of a loyalty program. If you subscribe monthly for long enough to any of the Only All sites, you get more of them.

  • Comment by: 611778

    Score: N/A Date: 03/26/2014

    I was absolutely disgusted with this most fraudulent site. It says 'x' amount of photo sets and 'x' amount of video sets when in fact they are combined. Example 25 photo sets and 7 videos equates to 18 photo sets and 7 videos.
    Also a vast majority of the sets are not fully available! They have 'fast tracks', where you have to buy extra sets at pound 7.95 for 5 sets!! A complete rip off...AVOID!!!!

  • Comment by: Quizzle

    Score: 45% Date: 07/13/2011

    This site's content is similar to FemJoy and Met-Art although a little tamer. There's natural spreading, some models more than others. They seem to be trending towards more explicit sets.

    Polina's 8 sets were worth it for me and I'm not even into lingerie. I have to give it a low score for two reasons: Little content and their fast-track gimmick.

    Subscribers get 5 free upcoming sets per month that they call "fast-tracks". Permanent fast-tracks are available in blocks of ten with no mention of price until you click the purchase button that takes you to the CCBill page. I didn't want to risk it going on my card automatically, so I have no idea what they cost. Why not be up front about the costs, why blocks of ten, and why fast-tracks in the first place?

    Since this site, even with the unavailable sets, has only a fraction of even a year of Met-Art's content, there's no justification for advertising and withholding half the sets. Carli Banks has 16 sets advertised and only 8 are available, the rest "forthcoming". The more current the model, the less available.

    I gave it the high score of 45 because there's some great sets of my favorite models - Polina, for example. I also like the natural spreading and poses. The photography is fine for me but I'm no expert. The photo sets seem sharp. The models have a little glam but not too much to ruin the girl-next-door look.

    If they released ALL of the unavailable sets and stopped the false advertising and fast-track nonsense, I would give this site a much higher score and even forgive their lack of content.

    I guess they didn't get the memo ten years ago that porn customers want straight-forward sites without the gimmicks. I guess Art-Lingerie just wants to piss off their customers.

  • Comment by: micky

    Score: 90% Date: 07/05/2011

    The review is out of date. They have been adding videos at about 1 a week for well over a year. The videos are 1280x720 WMVs at a good frame and bit rate and mostly about 10 minutes long - subjectively excellent. As usual, content depends on taste. There isn't anything hardcore here and the choice of models and gear is varied. I found 20 videos I liked, some of them a lot. That is better than par for me. The style is to take a good long look while the model undresses. The models are somewhat glammed up but not outrageously so. The impression is that the models are generally very comfortable and are looking at the viewer or photographer. The latter is the case with a number of "behind the scenes" vids. Unusually, these are the pick of the bunch for me, providing an opportunity for a number of costume changes and longer focus scenes. The photographer is less obtrusive than is often the case. Generally focus tends towards whole body with some closer. If you check the site out, you get one of the rather unhelpful "tours" which often make one wary.

    I didn't find the fasttrack gimmick particularly bothersome. There isn't much of it. No sense that they were hiding something from me.

    I plan to revisit this site regularly if they can
    straighten out their reputation and stay in business.

  • Comment by: Frustrated

    Score: N/A Date: 05/13/2011

    Bear in mind, with this site and the only-tease type sites, that you will only have access to about 50% of the content when you sign up. Many sets are advertised but not yet released - unless you "fast track" them, which costs after you've used up the five free "fast-tracks". In my opinion this is a blatant rip-off. This is a shame because the actual content that you can access is very good. I absolutely would not recommend this site to anyone for this reason.