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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I'll admit that I've done it before. Still, I'm not much of an adrenaline junkie, so I prefer to sit back and relax at home while other guys have sex Out In Public. If I want the rush you get from feeling fresh air flowing around your dick and balls, I can always turn on the ceiling fan in my bedroom. The sun won't beat down on my back, but I won't have to deal with performance anxiety.

OutInPublic has 209 HD videos that can be streamed and downloaded. A good number of the scenes involve a hot guy walking around Miami talking with his friend holding the camera, looking for dudes willing to do the deed in a restroom, parking lot or other public place. There's even one bareback scene in a car parked alongside the highway.

They offer cash, but judging how erect these hotties get, they're not just in it for the money. I mean, we're only talking around $60 most of the time, so it's not so much of a payday that there's no way they could refuse. It helps that they're equal opportunity fuckers and don't care if the amateur guy they pick up is straight, gay or bi.

The guys seem to respond to being fondled and sucked right from the get-go, no matter their initial reservations. They also agree to fuck with only a little more encouragement. Whether the guys picked up are really random strangers or not, the locations are busy public places. You'll see random vehicles driving by and people with blurred-out faces in the background.

You can also check out 186 photo galleries and the newer ones come with high-res images. I'm glad for any chance to see more of these hunks. For example, I fell in love with Zach and Mickey. The Zachster has a rocking defined bod with a bit of hair on his chest, a gorgeous bubble butt and a cute face. Mick's dick is super long and he shoots a phenomenal load all over Zach's sweet ass. They do it between two cars parked in front of a car dealership before being chased off by a couple of angry salespeople.

A new update gets posted every seven days, but there aren't any extras, only special offers for joining other sites and a link to live cams with free previews. I'm almost inclined to recommend this exclusive site based solely on the dance it caused in my pants. However, I can't think with my crotch alone. Thankfully, thinking with my other head also leads me to giving Out In Public a recommendation. The website is worth visiting so check it out.

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