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Updated on: 08/01/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
Number of Reviews: 1070
Average Score: 65

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  • More than 50 videos and photo sets have been added, but there's been nothing new since May.

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We all have our hobbies and the two guys behind Step 1 Models are no different. When they're not busy working full-time jobs, they're out recruiting girls aged 18 to 25 for modeling shoots. They only work with genuine amateurs, so you won't be seeing their models anywhere else online, which is great.

The guys recruit the Step1Models in places like bars and grocery stores and since they're not finding them through agencies, there's no telling how far the babes are willing to go in front of a camera. Some are only comfortable posing in sexy outfits or maybe flashing their tits, while others are fine with fingering on film, going down on other babes and even sucking dick and fucking.

The videos are all broken up into clips that you can download as Windows Media and MP4 files. They vary in quality, but most of them are high-def. They're all great, but some of those HD files are really amazing to look at. Write-ups and short previews accompany each movie, so you can get a sense of what they're about before you go to the trouble of downloading them.

The movies all have an amateur feel. The camerawork isn't always stellar, there's lots of talk between the models and the cameramen and the sets aren't always sensational. Heck, some of the shoots take place in front of a wrinkled sheet hanging in someone's home. Despite any flaws, it's hard not to appreciate the material. If you have a taste for genuine amateur productions, I recommend that you seek out the scene with a model named Brooke. At one point, her mother comes to check on her while she's in the middle of posing naked outside.

There are more than 60 models at the moment and the performers all have their own sexy vibe. Some of the chicks only appear in a single video, but others appear in several. Having added up all the content, I can tell you that there are 207 videos and about 207 sets of high-res pictures that can be downloaded in Zip files. There's an average of 60 images per set.

The easiest way (and from what I could tell the only way) to get to all the content is by going through the model index. It might sound annoying, but a nice thing about the site is that it tells you exactly how many movies, clips and photos you get for each babe.

The site isn't updating as often as it once was. Its newest video and photo set date from May and it hasn't posted any fresh bonus material since the beginning of June. Speaking of bonus material, it consists of additional vids and pics, including some behind-the-scenes films as well as candid content.

You can tell that the guys working on the site really care about what they're doing and that passion should enable them to take their little piece of the Web to great places in the future. Step 1 Models needs to start updating regularly again, but you can still feel good about joining.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: blahblah

    Score: 3% Date: 02/19/2016

    Wouldn't recommend site. It gives you username and passwords don't work and blocks you for trying to login in. Plus the site doesn't respond to emails to fix the problem.

  • Comment by: Anonymous

    Score: 4% Date: 09/30/2015

    Do Not join this site.. they have no bonus content. I paid for it..and no reply to emails. worthless site..

  • Comment by: Anonymous

    Score: 97% Date: 05/06/2015

    Great site! I hope Step1models continues to post new sets, I think they've posted alot recently...keep it up!

  • Comment by: Your Mom

    Score: 89% Date: 08/23/2014

    just the heads up, Step1models did have it's problems with lack of content, i'm a premium member and I got what I'm paid for. I'm satistified and happy to see alot of new sets on the site...yay!

  • Comment by: jake

    Score: 100% Date: 08/22/2014

    haha.. pretty obvious that mr. parker, TJ, and Dan are all the same person. to rate this site so low, it is obviously a hater or a competitor. i've been a member since 2012. i bet this 3-in-one guy has never even joined. i hope Big-T gives you a nice bitch slap.. :)

  • Comment by: Mr Parker

    Score: 25% Date: 08/18/2014

    Pretty horrible! Guy does talk a hell of a lot. I am surprised he doesn't include subtitles with his videos. The play-by-play seems like the most important part for the guy. There are a bunch of better sites listed here...choose one of those instead of this site.

  • Comment by: TJ

    Score: N/A Date: 08/03/2014

    Wish I came here and read these before joining this site; I could have gotten my money back. Saw more than a couple of videos that were just the tops of the girls heads; I guess he is asking us to use our imaginations and his constant commentary.

  • Comment by: Dan

    Score: 20% Date: 08/02/2014

    No updates on the main site. You have to commit to a years subscription and a Premium membership to see anything new and even then there is no guarantee. The camera work is horrible. A big waste of server space.

  • Comment by: Delvin

    Score: 92% Date: 10/14/2013

    Not updated so much, but the bonus content and premium HC updates certainly make up for it and the models look cute (Ally, Cherie and Sara)

  • Comment by: Johnboy

    Score: 90% Date: 07/15/2013

    Probably the best true "real" amateur site out there...I like this along with Publicagent.

  • Comment by: Tommy

    Score: 93% Date: 10/09/2012

    haha. i love how blake complains about the fact that the site is doing exactly what it claims to do....shoot amateur models and give the the choice how far they go. Either blake is too dumb to read about the site and check out the previews, or he is just one of those annoying haters that leaves bad comments on everything. probably a little of both. I'm a long time member of the site and didn't even realize it was on review sites until today. I think BIG T should offer a discount rate on here :)

  • Comment by: blake

    Score: 35% Date: 08/21/2012

    this site is bullshit, the guy can't shut up and the positions are fucking horrible. He needs to fuck these girls and not just talk all fucking day. What a let down!!

  • Comment by: Marky Mark

    Score: 89% Date: 08/04/2012

    Brilliant site, recommended particularly Serenity and Ally!

  • Comment by: BBOY

    Score: 95% Date: 05/31/2012

    i came across this review by chance. i usually don't scroll that far down the list, but i'm glad i did. it is hard to find a real amateur site like this nowadays. it seems like everything out there has pro-amateurs that skip from site to site and it is making me lose interest in "amateur" sites. BRAVO step1 owners for keeping it real. i watch your interviews and there is no doubt that these girls are for real beginners. i'll be back many times in the future :)

  • Comment by: Army

    Score: 90% Date: 04/13/2012

    Generally, most porntubes disappoint me with their video qualities. However, they lead the race in this regard. Quality, or should i say top notch and interactive stuff only on display here for turning me on. They also are quite good when it comes to their regular video updates. I get mailers almost all the time. And even their models are superhot. In my short span of being a member, I have seen a lot of hot amateurs laying it out on the screen. Especially Isabella, she is sooo darn amazing ...

    What I would want from them is to add more videos from new models to burn my screen ;)

  • Comment by: JD

    Score: 92% Date: 02/23/2012

    aubree is AMAZING!! i haven't seen her anywhere else and i'm starting to believe this guy really does recruit real amateurs :)

  • Comment by: Boner

    Score: 89% Date: 01/28/2012

    I'm a member too, I'd like more hardcore and bj scenes though. i think the photo section is underrated

  • Comment by: carl

    Score: 95% Date: 12/27/2011

    The site is awesome! I'm so happy to find a site that isn't fake amateur. I wish the owner would hurry up and get the rest of the videos on streaming though. So far it is just the recent stuff.. please hurry up big T!!

  • Comment by: pootietang

    Score: 95% Date: 09/26/2011

    I love the conversations. I hate the sites that do fake scenarios and have the girls do terrible acting and it is sold as real amateur first timers or whatever. Great job man.You need another camera man though!!

  • Comment by: DOM

    Score: 90% Date: 04/16/2011

    I have been a member for 2 months now and I freakin love the site. there is no question that these girls are real amateurs. what i wouldn't give to be able to video naked girls and get it on with them for a living!! i looked at the other comments and it seems that the pattern for the negative reviews is angry jealous dorks. archie, you didn't give any specific cons about the site and it is updated every week as advertised, so what do you mean about "finally update" .... i think when you comment, you should tell us how you really feel. Big T is living the dream and you hate him for it. i understand, i'm jealous of him too, but he brings the good stuff and there are not many, if any other sites like it. i'm sick of seeing all the same pretend amateurs on 20 different sites and i hope this site is here for years to come. Big T if you are reading these, i hope you can see the negative comments for what they are. jealous douche bags who are calling you names for doing stuff that they'll never be able to do :) oh and lets have more ally PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Comment by: Archiebald

    Score: 25% Date: 04/03/2011

    I joined the site before reading this page. I was fooled by the "Best of" claim. Must be only amateur site launched this year I guess.

    Video quality is fine but the content itself is iffy, when they decide to finally update. The guy loves to hear the sound of his own voice. I think they should try gay porn cause the shooter has iffy credentials for being straight. I could not recommend this site. Too many better sites out there.

  • Comment by: Big T

    Score: 80% Date: 03/13/2011

    ok i had to put a score in so i could defend myself here a bit. This is Big T. I am the site owner. the previous poster says i canceled him because he criticized the site. this is just not true. when i get comments, i go into the billing account and verify that i am getting them from current members. upon doing this, i noticed that the member had taken advantage of billing loyalty discounts and cancellation discounts. his membership was down to 6 dollars a month lol. this is not what i ever intended. i explained to him that i would still be happy to have him as a member, but i am not interested in having members for 6 dollars a month. i told him that i would be happy to add him again at the loyalty discount and never heard back. i will admit that this guy was a bit rude for paying 6 dollars a month, but his comments were not the reason for the cancellation. I'll say it again friend, i am happy to have you back. i addressed the updates and as everyone knows, i am a self starter on a limited budget. until i grow, i need to update at the pace that i currently do, or i will run out of footage. if there are any angel investors out there, who would like to invest, i will start updating at double or triple the frequency lol, but right now i do the best i can with what i have. if anyone ever has a suggestion or criticism, i welcome it all and reply personally. :)

  • Comment by: skelebones

    Score: 30% Date: 02/24/2011

    Some of the content is really 10/10 - but those updates are few and far between. Months go by with no quality updates, and often he stretches what hsould be one update into 2-3 over a period of 6 months to a year. So if you see a girl on the site in March, he may post a near-duplicate video with her 6 months later that is from the same march shoot, and then by December you might get some new material.

    I emailed him to let him know about my dissatisfaction with his most recent update (24/2/11) and he cancelled my account without asking me. So he apparently doesn't do well with criticism.

    The site has a lot of potential, it's too bad its run by someone even more amateur then the girls in front of the camera.

  • Comment by: jayce

    Score: 85% Date: 02/18/2011

    i agree...that 10 is overkill and sounds like he is just angey in general. the producer explains that these are all new girls, so doesn't it make sense that he will be directing more than a producer who works with experienced girls? i'm pretty sure the producer also made it clear that he has no photographer experience. so where is the shock here? lol. the only problem i have with the site is the download limit.

  • Comment by: Anthony

    Score: 100% Date: 11/21/2010

    I LOVE this site! It is REAL amateur footage. I am not sure what Mark is talking about because the dialogue is one of the best parts. You get to see all the interaction and behind the scenes, the model becoming more comfortable in front of the camera. PLUS, the camera guy is the owner of the site and he actually replies to his members. Two thumbs up to these guys and keep up the great work!

  • Comment by: Mark

    Score: 10% Date: 08/05/2010

    Horrible site. The guy simply can't shut up. He ruins every scene by "directing" non-stop, totally interrupting any possible interesting action that could take place. Oh, and the shooting and editing SUCK. Bouncy camera action and poor angles that don't let you see shit. I have to wonder if this guy ever touched a camera before.

    Bottom line...only worth the money if you enjoy listening to some tool talking non-stop. The girls are nothing special and the action is almost nonexistent.

    Btw, the review by Yaakov is OBVIOUSLY from someone connected to the site. Lol, you're not fooling anyone!

  • Comment by: Yaakov

    Score: 100% Date: 05/02/2010

    The review above gives you a pretty good synopsis of Step1Models so I won't need to bore you will the history of the site. I have been a member of the site for about 3 weeks now and I am impressed with the quality of the videos and the quality of the models that these guys are recruiting. They get real amateur girls and somehow get them to open up and talk about themselves openly. You also get to see just how far each girl will go and the progress the guys are making getting the girls to do more and more on cam. It's fun to watch!

    I have to agree with the Chris's review that Brooke is a terrific example of the amateur flavor of the videos. When he tells her he'd like to do some more of her spreading she says, :What's that?" The photographer is patient with her and she is obviously relaxed and seems to have no problem spreading once he explains it to her. Then her mom arrives on the scene which may be a little awkward for the intrepid photographer, but it's funny as hell to watch Brooke and listen to her mom in the background. It is real raw footage and fun to watch. I have a feeling that the guys will get Brooke to do a lot more than just pose in the future and that is what is exciting about this site. It isn't just some pro doing a video and you know exactly what's next. There are lots of surprises on Step1Models and no one knows what's next. Not even the guys doing the videos know what is going to happen.

    I agree that isn't content rich at this point. However, they continuously add more and more and they have managed to keep the quality high.

    I give this site a thumbs up!