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Updated on: 06/12/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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  • The site continues to grow, but at a snail's pace, with only four new videos.
  • You can't download the videos in a Windows Media format anymore. They only come in MP4s.
  • You can now find some Full HD videos.

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The reasons most people I know have gone to Africa is to work with non-profit organizations or go on safari. However, Antonio goes for another reason. Rather than watching lions stalk gazelles, he watches and films black babes sucking and fucking his cock. This is his African Fuck Tour.

So far, there are 62 videos on AfricanFuckTour and each one features some African babe he's picked up somewhere. We don't see any of the pickups, but rather are given all the basic info in the video descriptions. Actually, the write-ups are really more of a recap of the scenes and what goes on, with minimal info about who the chick is.

While I can't vouch for their legitimacy or how he met them, I was very happy to see that the girls are actually African. Often sites like this will just grab some black chicks off the street and call them African, but here it seems authentic. Anyone with a penchant for amateur lovelies will appreciate the real women Antonio bangs. However, they might not appreciate how he films it all.

Each scene takes place in a bedroom (although I did see one in a bathroom) and is shot using two cameras. One is an actual video camera and the other is a still camera that he uses in video mode. The shooting style varies between stationary angles and POV and, in an interesting twist, sometimes both.

Often he'll display a picture-in-picture scenario and show the action from two different angles at the same time. This is a cool idea and it works sometimes. However, other times I found that the picture-in-picture box was blocking the action on the big frame and I often found that the small frame image was the better angle and the one that I would've preferred to see in the large window.

The movies can be streamed through an embedded Flash player and downloaded in several MP4 formats. They can all be enjoyed in HD and some are in Full HD. The room they're shot in doesn't always have the best lighting, so the videos could look anywhere from average to fantastic no matter what the bit rate is. There are no photos, only vid caps.

In the past they were rotating the content for a while. These days they're adding new scenes again, but rarely. One was added fairly recently, but it was the first update in nearly a year. Luckily, you get access to a ton of bonuses. Click on the "videos" link for more black amateurs, or check out the rest of the "channels" in the Mega Site Pass network. Other networks include Exploited EX GF, Mature Women and Teen Girls. In the end, African Fuck Tour gives you true amateur African porn.

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  • Comment by: Button

    Score: 10% Date: 02/04/2013

    By far the best part of the site is the public-facing front page. That looks great but once you sign up, all the fun is over.

    There is no, repeat no attempt to place the videos in a context. Most of them could just as easily be shot in a USA trailer park, you can't tell, and there is zero information, not even the country. It is nothing like the front

    The videos are focussed on the white guy and his cock. We see endless shots of it getting sucked and slipping into a dark bum, but they are very repetitive. If you are gay and like looking at a guy's cock all day, sure, but for straight men it's very boring.

    We practically never see pussy: every single video shows the same white guy's cock in close-up, but you are lucky to even get a glimpse of pussy. Often there is no pussy at all. The site should be called "American Cock" because we se a lot more of that than we ever do of African pussy.

    The site service is very bad. If you make even the slightest mistake on the sign-up page, it re-ticks the small, almost hidden cross-sale you don't want.

    When you cancel after paying for a one month membership, you lose access to the site immediately. Honest sites still give you the access you paid for for the rest of the time you have paid for, but not African Fuck Tour - and trust me, once you sign up and get inside, you will want to cancel.

    Cancellation is difficult: you must keep the sign-up email because there is no other way to cancel and no information on the site itself about what you have to do. When you cancel, there is no confirmation email. You just have to hope that your credit card won't be rebilled. This is very bad.

    There is no customer service. I contacted the help desk to ask why they had cut off my access even though I had almost one month left on my subscription after I cancelled. That was days ago and there has been no reply. They took my money, then nothing.

    On the plus side .... well ... not much, and I'm out of space.

  • Comment by: PornKing

    Score: 30% Date: 08/16/2011

    + Many bonus sites
    + Great videos
    - Mega slow dl speed , somtimes 100kbs only, other time 1mb and when u try to dl hd videos, it takes ALL day :(