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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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The LDS, or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, is known by many as Mormons. There happens to be one of their churches a block or two from my house, so I am used to seeing clean-cut young missionaries wearing dress pants, white shirts, ties and name tags. These guys always look so wholesome and perhaps that's what makes them so sexy. Mormon Boyz will definitely have my imagination racing every time I pass their place of worship.

The founder of the site is married, but his wife knows and is comfortable with his bisexuality. He decided to launch MormonBoyz in response to LDS support of Prop 8, the successfully passed bill to ban gay marriage in the State of California. The site is new and there are only five videos so far, but they have stellar-quality playback and an option for your iPhone.

The scenes are short and for the time being they concentrate on solo masturbation. What might surprise you is that beyond masturbating on camera, you will see the special underwear that Mormons wear. Before, I didn't know much about what some outsiders call their "magic" underwear that supposedly give them superpowers.

In reality, the undergarments have sacred markings and are meant to serve as a reminder of the members' religious commitments and to ward off temptation. The undershirt and underpants that these hunks wear seem to be made from a sheer mesh fabric that - despite their conservative cut - end up being rather revealing.

These built studs do strip down, though, so you get a full view of their hot bods and big stiff rods. There's a mix of cut and uncut cocks, but the dick of one Elder Wolfington in particular is most notable for its length and girth. Only a couple of guys have photo sets, while every model has vid caps.

Updates are weekly, so it will take a while for this brand-new site to grow. The site's owner is just starting out and as an amateur he is learning along the way. All the same, I have to say that I really enjoyed the experience. I am sure Mormon Boyz will soon ignite a firestorm of controversy, but these hotties already light my libido ablaze with their naughty jerk-off sessions.

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