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Tuesday O'Neil 

By: Tuesday O'Neil
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How do you score a Slave Contest? Well, this site didn't answer my question, but it was for the best. Instead of having to watch games and events, I just found a lot of BDSM to enjoy.

Getting around SlaveContest is no trial, since all of the 68 videos are just spread out over a couple of pages in the members' area. Each has a small and often pixellated thumbnail to give you a taste, but you might find that these are about as helpful as the short titles. Comparing our members' area preview with how the site looks now, shows that there hasn't been a single change since our last review.

Whether you choose one at random or go with the thumbnail that catches your eye, you'll be able to stream the vid in Flash or download it in the same format. Most of these scenes don't just concentrate on one kind of sadism. Usually, several tortures are applied to the same squirming slave, each one increasing in intensity.

The sub could start off bound and hanging by her wrists, forced to endure small, constant flicks of a riding crop. Then weights could be hung from her nipples and pussy before she's put into even stricter restraints and finally hung upside down.

Much of the bondage is very intricate and the S&M scenarios quite inventive, but it's hard to appreciate them fully when you get, at best, average-quality playback. And even when the flicks look good filming the suffering from far away, watch the camera go in for a closeup and see how the image often blurs.

Some of the videos are labeled as coming with pictures, but click through and you'll actually get vid caps. At least some of them are fairly large and handy for previewing the scene. There are six bonus sites, like Schockers and Cross Obsession (dedicated just to crucifixions). Others, like Mature Center, cater to a different niche.

You might think that all of the slaves on SlaveContest deserve the medal, but we haven't answered the more pressing qustion about whether the site deserves the same treatment. Sadly, the low quality of the vids and seemingly ceased updating keep this site from being a winner.

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