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Tuesday O'Neil 

By: Tuesday O'Neil
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Some people choose a hotel based on the size of the rooms and the type of mint that's left on the pillow. Others are more interested in whether there will be a chance to see a cruel whipping or multiple nipple piercings. And those are the folks who might be interested in checking into Sado Hotel.

However, SadoHotel doesn't rival the Ritz when it comes to service. The major pro is that with around 480 videos, it has a good-sized collection and covers a wide variety of S&M action. The vids are split up into a multitude of categories like "expert sessions" or "sado amateurs" and within those areas you'll find everything from tit torture to encasement to spanking.

That's all well and good, but the site is more like a Motel 8 when it comes to quality. The movies can only be streamed in average-quality Flash. Also the design and navigation leave much to be desired. Not only does it not look that good, but getting around can sometimes be an issue like when I clicked on an image of a video box cover and it enlarged with no way to get rid of it. Meaning the link to the movie for the scene I wanted to check out was covered and I had to click on another link that was visible and then head back to that page.

In one of the scenes I watched, an imperious Domme brings a mature BBW to her dungeon and really puts the older slave through her paces. First the woman is tightly bound so her Mistress can slap her sore and swollen titties around. Then she has a riding crop applied to her pussy with no mercy before her ass receives the same treatment with a wooden switch. However, that's still not enough to please her Dominatrix and she must finally be whipped again.

Most of what I watched seemed very amateur and some of it looked dated. This is not glamorous BDSM at all. Some of it looked to be filmed in guys' bedrooms and hallways. I also didn't see any pre and post-scene interviews with the subs/slaves - and, trust me, some of it gets pretty damn rough. Also, there are no descriptions for these flicks, so there's no way of knowing what you're about to get into besides the one preview image, which isn't always that helpful.

Once you've exhausted the collection of cruelty, which includes some nonexclusive content, you're pretty much done with the site. And since nothing's dated it's hard to know how often anything new is being added. As it stands now, there are much better BDSM sites out there.

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