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Tuesday O'Neil 

By: Tuesday O'Neil
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With a blood-splattered join page and pics of painful-looking piercings, you might anticipate Schockers to have some extreme content to show you. However, what you'll actually find inside isn't nearly that intense. With mainstream porn vids of squirting chicks and gangbangs included among the collection, this site might consider a name change to Schmutty.

A few niches are represented on Schockers, including BDSM, latex, anal, fisting and dwarfs. That's also how they organize the collection of 383 videos and there are links on the side that will take you to each category. The least vanilla of the videos can be found under "extreme," which is also the biggest section.

There are 139 extreme videos to be exact and as far as the action goes, it's a grab-bag of limit-pushing BDSM. In one scene, you might see a pretty babe's tits run through with over a dozen needles. In another, a male slave is humiliated and force-fed a repulsive smoothie, while moving on to the next vid brings you cock-and-ball torture.

Whether you go for one of those extreme vids or take the relatively softer route of watching some squirting, you'll have to deal with average-quality playback. These Flash files are also not full-length scenes. Instead, each is broken down into three to six clips that can be streamed or saved. When it comes to updates, none of the content is dated, but comparing the numbers since our last update suggests that they add something new every five to seven days.

A few of the movies (mainly the extreme ones), come with vid caps. Some of these look better than others, although the best still have a grainy look. The rest don't come with any images at all and often the screen caps are a little too small to get a decent idea of what you're getting into.

Most of the flicks are exclusive at least. And you also get a bunch of bonus sites, including the likes of Slave Contest, Cross Obsession and Mature Center. A lot of the porn on Schockers is "shocking," but the site will have to offer better-looking movies before it can really earn a recommendation.

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