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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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A word of warning: Just because the site is called Your Dick Fucks doesn't mean that you are actually going to be fucking the hotties in the scenes. I say this to help you avoid any awkward situations should you happen to be checking out the site at work.

After I pulled my pants back up and apologized profusely to my coworkers (a few of whom seemed quite disappointed that I was covering up my impressive manhood), I headed into YourDickFucks to see how good the POV action was. And I have to say it is very good.

Markus - our cameraman and babe fucker - is skilled enough at banging and filming, so we are able to see the action well framed and without it shaking too much, letting us mentally place ourselves in his very lucky position. The action is standard porn fare with cock sucking and a multitude of sexual positions that lead to the money shot, usually on her chest or ass.

There are 67 videos and 67 sets of pictures. The vids look great and they can be streamed in an embedded Flash player. Unfortunately, the movies can't be downloaded. The high-res pictures, on the other hand, can be saved in Zip files.

By the way, the fact that the flicks are streaming-only isn't the only bad thing about them. The other problem is that the performers all speak German and there aren't any English subtitles. This isn't the end of the world, obviously, but it would be nice to understand what the guys and gals are saying before they get around to having sex.

Included with your membership is access to eight other sites from the Adult Blast network, including My First Butt Sex, Squirt Coach and Date Site Liars. Each provides you with even more hardcore porn. This bonus material comes in handy because nothing new has been added here since August 2013.

Your Dick Fucks brings you some hot scenes, but, as noted above, the website does have some issues and the amount isn't overly impressive. If you're willing to deal with the site's shortcomings, you can go ahead and get yourself a membership.

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