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Tuesday O'Neil

By: Tuesday O'Neil
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Back when it was broadcasting, did you ever watch "Blind Date" and think to yourself that the show needed less Roger Lodge and more hardcore fucking? Well, the American public must have agreed with you because that show got cancelled, but BangBros started a site with a blind-date theme called Can He Score.

The format is pretty much the same as that reality show, from the awkward initial greetings to the pop-up speech bubbles. What's different about CanHeScore is the contestants. The pairings are always made up of one sexy, horny pornstar and a dude who would be lucky if she just asked him to park her car.

Very few of the guys in the 102 movies come off as "normal." Take their Mexican cliche, Oscar. He gets to meet Madison Ivy, but he doesn't gape at her big tits and then take her pile-driver style (according to her pre-date interview, it's one of her favorite positions). Instead, he spends most of the date talking about his neon-installation job and then can barely get it up when Madison spreads her pink pussy.

With the high-def playback you sometimes get by downloading the MP4s, you can enjoy every moment of his painful walk of shame. Great-quality Windows Media files and average-quality MPEG files are also available and you can save them as short clips, longer parts and full-length files. If you really can't wait, you can stream them in an embedded player.

Not all the dates go as badly as the one described above. In fact, some of the guys surprisingly fuck like porn studs in disguise. All the scenes come with both screen caps and high-res photographs, giving you 102 photo sets. The screen caps keep the CGI jokes and speech bubbles in, but the pics don't because they're more like the photos found on any other reality site. They are much better looking, though. All of the images can be downloaded in Zip files.

The website hasn't updated since 2011, but you get access to the other sites that make up the BangBros Network. These include Backroom MILF, Ass Parade, Ball Honeys and the famous Bang Bus. All the extra sites add a ton of value to a membership.

Can He Score isn't the largest site out there, but the concept is fun and the porn looks incredible, so it scores with us. And if you're worrying about whether poor Madison is left unsatisfied, don't. They call in a real man, so she can have both a really good date and a decent-sized dick.

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