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If the Lord of the Rings movies had included some pornographic bits, they might have looked something like the action on Whorelore. From wood nymphs with elfin ears to female knights to sorceresses to barbarians to wayfaring travelers to warriors, there are plenty of fantastical characters and they all just want to get raunchy.

All the material on Whorelore is exclusive and the sex is pretty hot. There is some lesbian action between two female elves as well as a barbarian who helps out a scantily clad damsel and gets himself a hardcore fuck as a reward. Granted, these pornstars certainly don't possess Ian McKellan and Elijah Wood's theatrical skills, but they can certainly make you stand up and applaud their performances anyway.

There are 10 videos and this number hasn't changed since the end of April 2009. You normally have multiple choices of file types, including AVIs, Windows Media, QuickTime, MP4s and Flash that can always be streamed and is often also downloadable. Some of these options only come in clips, but others also come in full-length options.

You can expect mostly good-quality playback, because that's what the entire first season of six episodes delivers. The second season has only four vids, but a couple of them are great in quality and the quality of one even qualifies as excellent. Not sure why there isn't more consistency, because the vids themselves all seem to involve equally high production values.

You can also download 10 photo galleries in Zip files and turn on an automatic slideshow feature for hands-free viewing. Although you'll see some shots captured during the filming of the flicks, there are high-res pics here that are clearly posed for separately. Expect for the full nudity, you can almost imagine they're shooting the movie poster for some big Hollywood fantasy epic.

Some good news is that there are 22 other Lords Of Porn sites that come with your membership, including Midgets Like It Big, Bubble Butt Teachers and Big Butt Hunt. Sure, they don't have the surreal plotlines that you see here, but they have some hot reality-style porn.

A couple of things make browsing all the combined content easier, like you can save favorites and there's an advanced search (for the whole network, not individual sites). You can leave comments, rate content/sort scenes by ratings and use keyword tags on any scene to find other related scenes.

Oh, I do feel a bit torn, because I must admit that the content here is right up my alley. I love smut with a sense of humor and who hasn't watched one of those mainstream fantasy films wishing that the scenes with busty babes in metal bras wouldn't suddenly become X-rated? However, this collection is small and at this point you don't need to gaze into your crystal call to know this site isn't growing. In the end, Whorelore would need to conjure up some more material, before it would be worth its high-end membership.

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