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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Nude Fight Club beats the famous Hollywood movie hands down. Dudes beating one another into a meaty pulp might be a violent turn-on for some, but ladies going toe to toe in winner-takes-all matches are undeniably hotter. Especially considering that they're buck naked! Do you want raw carnage or do you want raw carnal desire shared between two women? I've made my preference clear.

NudeFightClub has 191 Full HD videos that you can stream and download. It also offers 191 sets of high-res photos that you can save in Zip files. In each match, the ladies start out in sexy athletic outfits. As the struggle advances, the clothes slowly get torn off and eventually they're wrestling completely (or nearly) naked. I guess that's how the ancient Greeks did it during their Olympics. However, these modern-day competitors are lesbians, not just participants from the Ile of Lesbos.

The site is really easy to navigate since you can use content tags and there's also a good amount of filters down the left-hand side of the page when navigating the network's scenes and model index. You can choose certain performer attributes as well as locations, sex acts and personas, like boss, waitress or cougar. Those particular filters may not be helpful here, but you can still narrow down performers by appearance.

These babes have some incredible bods with toned arms, but don't worry - they still have curves, even if some of them cheat with a bit of enhancement. The point is that they really go at it, so it doesn't look like silly play fights between two prissy missies. Think of it as female pro wrestling with nudity, kissing, licking and fingering thrown in. In the end, we all come out winners no matter which gal comes (or cums) out on top.

You might want to take note of some of the moves these amazing chicks have. I mean, even though I'm male, I wouldn't mind being caught in the bind some of the weaker combatants find themselves in. A juicy crotch crushed into my face is worthwhile even if my arm is being bent backward and I can barely breathe. That's one rock and a hard place I can picture myself between.

The site hasn't updated since June 2013, but there are 20 more 21 Sextury sites to check out, including Hot MILF Club and Deepthroat Frenzy, along with 19 others. With its high-def vids and bonus network, Nude Fight Club is worth checking out for fans of female wrestling.

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  • Comment by: Wink

    Score: 10% Date: 03/06/2014

    The site is dead. No more updates.

  • Comment by: prettywoman

    Score: 75% Date: 12/06/2013

    I looked at the site again today after a year's absence, thinking to join again. Among the niggles for me are: some of the videos are just aimless behind-the-scenes pieces with boring and usually salacious interviews conducted by a man who just can't stop talking, the nudity coming rather late in the video (a site called "Nude..." should be 100% nude!) and an annoying (apparently deliberate) scarcity of rear views. I particularly like the nude wrestling, of course, and the lesbian endings (who cares about who won?) and many of the girls are very beautiful AND entertaining (for example Blue Angel, to mention just one of them). However, my main point in writing this is that it looks as if there has been nothing new for the last 6 months - a bad sign.

    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:12/09/2013): Comment edited.

  • Comment by: Alex

    Score: 98% Date: 05/04/2010

    I love wrestling babes and this site is really gives me what i need :) thank you!