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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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The Trash Man has a dirty job, but he knows that somebody has to do it. He travels around the United States looking for trashy chicks that he can hook up with and film for his website. He began his quest in 2001 and he's still at it today, almost a decade later. Unfortunately, his years of experience haven't exactly translated into an awesome website, as Trash Man Girls leaves a lot to be desired.

From its design to its content, TrashManGirls is amateur through and through. Inside, you'll find links to all the videos presented on one page. Normally that wouldn't be so bad, but here it is, as you're getting nothing but colored text links. There are no thumbnails or anything like that to give you an idea of what to expect from the flicks. The only clue you get is their names - and when they're called things like "chicago bear" and "skuttabucker," that doesn't always help.

There are 50 videos in all, though it initially appears that there are more than that. The reason is that some of the vids are broken up into parts. Also, some of the movies are labeled as "extra" flicks, so we'll consider them as such as well. There are no photos.

Each video can be downloaded in Windows Media format, but I'm sorry to say that they don't exactly look fantastic. In fact, the best of the vids only offer average-quality playback and actually look like garbage more often than not. The footage is often dark, grainy and shaky, so it's hard to enjoy the Trash Man's adventures. It doesn't help that the movies aren't always all that thrilling to begin with.

In one flick, the Trash Man has a blonde suck his dick in his bathroom for a bit. He eventually orders her to crouch down in the bathtub. She complies, but you can tell that she's really uncomfortable. Then he tells her he's going to pee on her. The girl states very clearly that she doesn't want him to, but he starts to do it anyway, which causes her to legitimately freak out and she tries to leave the room. The scene then comes to an abrupt end. None of it is sexy and the parts that aren't cringe-worthy are borderline unwatchable, because the sitename is featured prominently in the middle of the screen throughout the entire video.  

Extras include a blog, some mixed tapes and some audio shows in which the Trash Man speaks his mind on various subjects. Having these extras are nice and all, but they aren't enough to make up for the rest of the mediocre site. Trash Man Girls is an affordable website, but it's also one that I feel will ultimately disappoint. It'll need to improve the quality of its videos before it'll be worth your hard-earned cash.

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  • Comment by: black dog

    Score: 10% Date: 06/21/2011

    Man I love the crackheads n' street junkies. trashman has many street whores to wack off too and me myself admire the view of a hooker who sucks and fuck for $10.00 or less. trashman's trashy site just sends me to another level.

  • Comment by: kelly

    Score: 10% Date: 07/10/2010

    WOW!! so many nasty whores, what a digrace to see this with human eyes,In a sick and twisted way i some what enjoy how trashman dude fucks these chicks and makes them do what he orders them to do, crazy porn and best fits in the low down garbage ghetto hoodlum world. this site i paid for and was really amazed at what ive seen, i think i'll stick around to see what happens next, well worth the action and the money spent

  • Comment by: trannylover

    Score: 10% Date: 06/02/2010

    This guy is the BEST!! ive been a trashman fan since 2003 and this is the ONLY webmaster who i know of that can walk out into the mean streets of New York and pick up a hooker, take her backto what is called the dumpster and fuck the living shit out of her and film the whole entire thing, i have not seen any other website besides tocuh the trashman's nitch. this guy is not only crazy as a bat out of hell, but trashman seems to act out in a way that will turn most people off, he shits and piss on crackhead women and then kicks them out of his dumpster. i love the trashman. i'm a big fan because it's not porn hes selling but its pure down home ghetto fu.