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Tuesday O'Neil 

By: Tuesday O'Neil
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You've got to pity the life of a hot chick. From the beach to a volleyball game and from the pool to a car show, Her Fine Self is never safe from the roving photogs on this site. Wherever there's a gorgeous babe in a skimpy outfit, these guys are there and they've brought their cameras along too.

HerFineSelf is all about catching hot and sexy chicks in candid pics. Most of the time it looks like the hotties don't even know they're being photographed, although there are some - like the babes at porn shows and conventions - who are definitely fine with it and pose like they're ready for their big break, or at least a big cock.

It turns out that there aren't any videos, but there is a large photo section. It's divided by where the women were captured, so whether you want to see some bikini action on the beach, sporty babes bending over during the big game or just some random gals making events a little bit sexier, you just need to click on the right section. When you tally up all three areas, you end up with 943 photo sets.

The photos look amazing, particularly for candids. These guys clearly know what they're doing and didn't just start randomly snapping pics with their parents' old camera. Instead, they first find only the hottest babes around and then take high-res images (1333x2000) that look incredibly crisp and never blurry or out of focus. It's just too bad they can't also give you the galleries in Zip files.

You'll find new candid shots on the site every couple of days or so and a bonus site is included with your membership. It's called Candid Beach Angels and it has a sandier take on sexy chicks in public, as well as a tiny amount of videos.

After looking through the action, I was almost tempted to dust off my Minolta and head to the beach. After you check out the high-quality porn, you might be inspired to do the same. Voyeurs looking for videos will be disappointed with Her Fine Self, but those who like candid photography will like it just fine.

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  • Comment by: reckon

    Score: 95% Date: 04/12/2010

    Awesome site! Lots of HQ booty and lots of beautiful Cali girls!