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Tuesday O'Neil 

By: Tuesday O'Neil
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When you're at the beach, do you ever look around at all the beautiful chicks and notice you can pretty much see everything in their barely-there bikinis? And does the sight of all that smooth flesh give you a little voyeur thrill? Well, Candid Beach Angels brings you all the heavenly bodied chicks you would spot at the beach without getting sand up your swimsuit or a nasty sunburn.

CandidBeachAngels exists mainly to post candid snaps of vacationing cuties. The guy who runs the site is named Gonja, but there are also amateur submissions and other photographers who have submitted content. You'll find true voyeur material here. Except for bikini competitions, none of these hotties look like they're posing or even expecting to be caught on camera. Instead, they're just walking along the beach or street, tanning, playing a game of volleyball or chatting with friends.

The video collection is nothing to write home about, with just three movies. They're offered in good-quality MPEG files, but for some reason, they weren't working this time around. They wouldn't download and the link was broken when I clicked on it. This amount hasn't changed since 2005.

The real attraction is the photo collection, which offers 1,630 sets of high-res pics. They are never blurry and the photographers have a real eye for beauty. Gonja apparently has a signature shot called the "doggy style" where he snaps babes who just happen to be on all fours or bending over.

Unfortunately, there aren't any Zip files, but with only 20 shots in each, downloading a set isn't that time-consuming. Actually, it's a pleasure, because you get to go through these babes shot by shot. When you do that, though, you'll see that not all the pics have the same beachy feel. There are a couple of shots from gymnastics competitions, swim meets and cheerleader tryouts that were clearly taken miles away from any waterfront.

The pics are pretty hot, but they're also shared with another of the network's sites called Candid Sports Angels. You don't get it with your membership, but you do get a site called Her Fine Self where Gonja hits the event circuit instead of the beach and captures all the hotties who show up to things like NASCAR races and volleyball tournaments. The guest photographers tend to also submit girls dancing in clubs and flashing their ass to the camera.

Photo updates come every three days, which is a good schedule. In the end, Candid Beach Angels delivers a true voyeur experience and the price is certainly right.

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  • Comment by: Marky

    Score: 97% Date: 04/12/2010

    I think this was one of the original candid sites to ever hit the internet back in the day. I have been a member of this site off and on for over 4 years and Gonja, the candid photographer, never dissapoints. You can see how his photography, strategy, and skill has improved over the years and the stuff he has now is better than what I have seen on other beach sites. The site updates regularly and they have added as a 2 for 1 website deal. Very cheap for over 50,000 original pictures.

    Con: Their navigation is not the best but it is simple enough.