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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Over the years I have heard many terms used in reference to creampies: the cum dump, the internal explosion, the pussy fill-up, letting loose inside, releasing the hounds, sending in the troops, the gooey ending, filling the void, putting the cream in the "e"-clair, the don't-pull-out method, glazing the ovaries, the hole in one, shooting into the darkness, the internal injection, the sticky shuffle and, of course, ooooops! But until today I had never heard it referred to as a Warm Kiss.

That was why the dripping-pussy image I found myself staring at caught me a little off guard. I kind of like the term WarmKiss as a synonym for creampie though. And there is a lot that I like about the site too. This is an amateur site, which, as many who know me can attest, I do have an affinity for.

I like watching novice chicks who aren't as smooth or seasoned as veteran pornstars. And these babes are definitely that. Sometimes they laugh a little during a scene or they react to the sound their pussy makes when they push the cum out. It's all very real and I love that about true amateurs.

The only issue with the "amateur" part is the design. The vids are represented by huge images and there just needs to be some tweaking to make it look a little more professional. There aren't any tags or a search engine and finding everything involves lots of scrolling.

You get 41 movies right now. That number has decreased since our last visit, actually, but I think that's because the site had some problems not too long ago. Each one comes with a gorgeous HD file. These took a while to download, but they also have a "fast download" option that's great in quality. They've also added a streaming format for one of the videos and I think they're working on making that option available for more. At the bottom of the homepage is a "pictures" section, but they're just vid caps.

Most of the scenes star one of two dudes and a different chick almost every time. These guys take their time with the babe to really get her into it, often like they are on a date or in love (or at least "like"). The videos, like the performers, are very amateur. The action takes place on a mattress or a carpeted floor in a bare room. The back wall is painted light blue, there are a couple pillows and you can see wires and equipment occasionally.

One problem is that the camera is often in just one location, which provides a wide shot of the scene rather than moving around a little to give you a different view. Sure, letting us spend some time on an angle is great, but there were a couple times when I was thinking how good it would look from a different vantage point.

The editing is pretty amateur too. There is often a cut when they change positions, which is a little jarring. In a couple scenes they cut to the creampie just after or right as the dude is shooting his load and pulling out. It felt a little staged. There is also a lesbian scene.

The last update is dated from December 2011. Their news section, however, has some recent dates and it looks like they're shooting again and working on improvements, so maybe some new scenes will pop up soon. Warm Kiss could be worth it for a month, but the price is higher than the normal and it will need to get going with those updates again if they expect anyone to stick around.

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  • Comment by: wireguy

    Score: 65% Date: 03/02/2012

    Pro: Great HD video quality, very interesting concept. A softer hardcore if you could say that. Very amateur, but also kinda cute in a way. This is one lucky dude! He's mostly filming in a spare room with some gorgeous women a couple of times each. Large selection of videos with multiple size and format options. There is no acting by these women, they are really into it. After one of the scenes the girl allegedly got pregnant, she comes back several times after that too.

    Con:Server speed is a little slow and very inconsistent, files are HUGE for the HD videos. Largest one on the site was 5GB, average HD video is 1-2GB. I got download speeds of up to 2mb/s and as low as 10kb/s. That said, those large files make for incredibly clear video, Blue-ray quality DVD ready. Editing and camera work needs some work, but overall not bad. Also, last update 12/27/11, its 3/2/12 now. Update status says that they are doing a major redesign though.

  • Comment by: Joe

    Score: 75% Date: 10/10/2011

    Pros - High quality downloadable videos, beautiful women, real organisms on both sides, no acting - just good sex.

    Cons - Not enough variety in file size, comes in large and monstrously huge, up to six months between updates.

    Bottom line - In my opinion this website has the best erotic content out there. I can't even call it porn, because porn is full of fake moaning and bad acting. but with such rare updates you'll be wondering if the site has been abandoned.

  • Comment by: SlickRick

    Score: 90% Date: 04/28/2011

    Pros: The best videos I've ever seen. Women are actually getting off, having fun and orgasms. Video quality is much better then DVDs. They have before and after of a real impregnation too.

    Cons: more often updates needed. Video length is varies sometimes 14 minutes sometimes 30. Files take forever to download

  • Comment by: Member

    Score: 40% Date: 10/05/2010

    *original content
    *HD videos

    *No updates since months
    *Limited videos only