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By: Charlie Black
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Kim K Superstar features Kim Kardashian, a model, socialite and actress with porcelain skin and a dark mane at her best. Some (stuck-up) people may say that you're not going to see her at her best, but rather her worst. I'll be the judge of that. The only star she dances with is Ray J and this is a horizontal bumpin' and grindin' you probably won't want to miss.

KimKSuperstar may have appeared on numerous shows on television, but you've never seen her and her 40-inch booty like this before! Well, that's true to some extent. There are no photos and about seven scenes available and most of them are POV as Ray J and her go to the airport, fly on the airplane (no, you never find out if they become members of the mile-high club), check out their hotel room and, if you're patient, watch them fuck. It looks like there are more scenes, but the DVD was just cut randomly.

That fact is just the tip of the iceberg that sinks this site. You can't download the scenes or the entire movie. The "action" plays in an embedded Flash player that can't be enlarged and you can't fast forward to the sex scenes. The first instance of hardcore occurs in the first scene and for the most part, you'll mostly see Ray J's ass as he pounds Kim's pussy.

The footage is averageat best, shaky and often out of focus. To be honest, this is more of a Ray J sextape and Kim makes the occasional appearance. When he goes down on her, 90 per cent of what you'll see is the top half of his face. There's a pretty good scene where she sucks his cock, but, again, expect pretty blurry and shaky camerawork. In total, I'd say there are about three sex scenes.

There's a link where you can burn the movie to DVD, but it's broken. You'll also notice a "buy" link, where you can purchase this movie for slightly more than the cost of admission to the site, so the only redeeming aspect this site has is access to two bonus movies that are very similar to the one here and full access to Vivid.

The only reason to join Kim K Superstar is access to the one bonus site and extra movies. If you're not keen on the kind of content you get on this star's site, then it's probably not reason enough.

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