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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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While I have never been a cigarette smoker, I'll admit that I very much enjoy sitting back with a nice drink and a good cigar. I also enjoy sitting back with a nice drink and a sexy naked woman. On Cigar Vixens they provide the naked women and the cigars and all I have to do is provide the drink (if I start slurring my words you'll know why).

When it comes to these types of cigar/smoking fetish sites, the presentation of the content is important. Now, what floats one person's boat may not be the same thing that puts wind in someone else's sails, so let me tell you about how CigarVixens does its thing.

There are 27 episodes and each one comes with a set of pictures and a video. The photos are large and high-res and the videos can be downloaded in parts or in one full-length file. Video quality varies a little, but many of them have a high-def option. Those that don't are still mostly excellent (sometimes the lighting is a little darker than it should be).

Each scene one presents a sexy woman and her cigar, but each has its own theme of sorts. In one video the chick is in a doctor's office and dressed in a lab coat. In another the babe is dressed as a nun and in yet another she comes home in a business suit and has her end-of-the-day cigar. Sometimes the chick talks to herself while others talk to the camera, or she's silent except for the moaning she does while rubbing her clit.

Besides the smoking of the cigar, the other standard action I saw in each scene was stripping and masturbation. Oh, yeah, and the heavy breathing by the cameraman. It isn't always that obvious, but in a couple of the vids I found it a little creepy – like he was some leering Peeping Tom.

The biggest issue I found is the fact that they are only adding a new model, with her pics and vids, once a month. On the plus side, the vids I checked out were all 35 to 45 minutes long, which is very good for solo scenes.

There aren't any bonuses, so when you join Cigar Vixens you are only getting the solo smoking and masturbation content. This is fine since the scenes look good in general and they are lengthy. However, since it takes so long to get new smut, you might only stop by for a month.

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  • Comment by: Eddie

    Score: 99% Date: 02/03/2010

    To a guy that thinks fine cigars & hot women are a natural together, this site is heaven!

    I'm looking forward to future additions.