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Charlie Black 

By: Charlie Black
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Although Spank Amber already sounds incredibly tantalizing, as soon as I signed in to the site I discovered that "spank, fuck, eat out and get sucked off by Amber" might be a better title to describe this chick. Obviously, that would be a real pain to type and the current name is pretty apt because this redhead gets her tushy smacked incessantly.

SpankAmber is a labor of love for Amber and her "daddy," so there isn't an army of web designers behind the scenes like there might be for a site owned by some mega-porn corporation. The occasional broken image or link won't really stop a diehard fan and you're going to get personalized service if you contact them with any issues you encounter. It might not be slick or sleek, but the spanking, canings, paddling and beltings certainly are the real deal.

You can choose from "amber spanks" or "spank amber" when you sign into the members' area. Those sound like pretty self-explanatory sections to me. The former has Amber spanking babes and their latter has Amber getting her bum battered by guys and gals. The "spank amber" area has full-length flicks to save, but the movies are split up into clips in the other section.

After doing a little math, I'd put the total at around 230 videos and you can count on mostly great-quality playback, but the latest come in HD. These are amateur productions, so there isn't some huge crew standing around eating donuts between takes. That means the footage can be a bit rough. For example, if a shoot is POV style, the cameraman is literally getting sucked, or fucking or spanking Amber (often over his very fortunate knee).

I love redheads and a girl like Amber is why. Her porcelain skin coats her body with an almost translucent glow. It is the perfect canvas for good ol' spankings or whippings, because the redness and welts are clearly defined against her pale flesh. Her fair complexion, rosy cheeks and pouty lips make her seem girlishly innocent. You almost feel bad about the expressions of pain contorting her pretty face.

The 22 photo sets are a mixed bag, because some aren't very large when viewed online. However, if you download the Zip files, they have high-res images. My favorite has Amber dressed and posing vintage pinup-style. The pics are a bit small, but the impact they make is big. Her lace-topped thigh-high stockings, stiletto heels, black bra and see-through miniskirt are showstoppers.

A membership now also includes access to Amber Dawn Nude and its content is easy to access. It focuses on masturbation, lesbian play and hardcore sex without any spanking involved. There are also free live cam shows and Amber performs regularly - up to four times a week - and you can check out 33 archived performances (these have been included in my video count).

It looks like you'll get a new clip once a week, but it may be a month or longer before you have all the parts that make up an entire movie. Even so, I think that for some unique spanking content featuring a gorgeous red-haired beauty, Spank Amber is worth joining. There's a download limit, but if you email her she'll lift it.

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  • Comment by: Rick

    Score: N/A Date: 01/10/2014

    Hi Mr. Reviewer. Thanks for your information about this site. I am somewhat intrigued by this site, because I am seriously into spanking, and I am in a state of permanent drooling and hypnosis, when it concerns Amber's Ass. HOWEVER, when I tried to take the $4.95 3 day option to ensure that the site is more about spanking than Lesbianism (which doesn't interest me), the system DID NOT allow me to subscribe. I could only subscribe for the $27 or $29 dollar option. Could you please help me sort this out? I like the site, but I think the subscription price is quite steep, so I want to take a careful look (through the $4.95 option) before subscribing to the expensive fee. Thank you
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:01/13/2014): Hi, Rick. I sent you an email. It appears the trial was removed since our last review. We will confirm this and learn more and update the review, if necessary.

  • Comment by: prettywoman

    Score: 50% Date: 08/20/2013

    I am confused. I was thinkng of joining the Amber sites again and tried to find out what has been produced since I was a member before. Exactly what is now on offer is not clear. It appears to me that both Amber Spanks and Amber Dawn Nude stopped updating at the end of 2011. Can this be true?

  • Comment by: amberdawn

    Score: 100% Date: 04/16/2013

    I really don't understand there are over 800 movies and you get access to amberspanks as well plus over 30 live shows a week! how is this not mentioned in the review? there is also streaming too! Anytime anyone has any problems I answer quickly and fix the problems!
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:04/17/2013): Hi Amberdawn, I sent you an email.

  • Comment by: JayBee

    Score: 10% Date: 02/18/2013

    The best thing about this site is Amber's ass, definitely the best on the web. The problem however is the website. Very expensive for not a huge amount of content, older movies divided into multiple parts, some movies have almost no spanking at all. Also some of the downloads seem to be mixed up. I tried downloading one of Amber punishing a Jehovah's witness, but the movie turned out to be another on the site. After finding what should have been that movie turned out to be another!
    Its a shame because the titular model is fantastic but its let down by abysmal site design. Really wish I hadn't paid a penny for this

  • Comment by: tommy q

    Score: 100% Date: 01/01/2011

    Except for the 4GB daily downoad limit the site is incredible and amber's little ass is hot