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By: Chris Parker
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If you've got old porno tapes from the '70s or '80s at home, you're probably not watching them much these days. In all likelihood, it has a lot to do with the fact that the videos are bordering on being unwatchable after 30 or 40 years of tape degradation. If that is indeed what's keeping you from enjoying some of your favorite retro films, Classic X Pass might be the solution.

ClassicXPass specializes in bringing you hardcore porn from yesteryear. As it stands, there are 218 scenes that are all pulled from old releases you probably enjoyed decades ago, including "Black Heat," "Supermodels Do LA" and "Traci's Big Trick." You can save all your favorites and rate the content. There are also sorting options and keyword tags.

You have a few options when it comes to enjoying the scenes. The easiest way is by streaming them in MP4s through an embedded Flash player, but you can also download them in Windows Media, MP4 and QuickTime files. Your best bet is to go with the good-quality QuickTime files whenever they're available.

One thing that's disappointing about the website is that there aren't any photos. However, I suppose it's understandable given that the site is focused on bringing you vintage videos. Still, I have seen other sites in this niche that tracked down some old porno magazines and managed to scan and upload the images.

On top of the vintage vids, you also get access to the content found on several bonus sites, including Want Wow and XXX Abigail. To get to them, click on the "network" link and then use the "all sites" drop-down menu. In the "extras" section is Jizz Vault, which is a huge archive containing shemale, gay and straight porn.

It has been quite a while since the last update, with the most recent scene dated May 2012. I'm not sure if they plan on adding more retro scenes any time soon, but, in the meantime, Classic X Pass is still a decent place to get your fix of vintage porn, so you can finally throw out your old VHS tapes.

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