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Updated on: 03/14/2016

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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  • Fifty videos and their corresponding photo sets have been added. This site continues to grow on a weekly basis.
  • They removed the Zip files.

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Have you read "The Story Of O," Anne Rice's "Sleeping Beauty" series, or Laura Antoniou's "The Marketplace" series? In those pieces of literature, the idea of a 24/7 BDSM lifestyle is discussed and fantasized about. The Upper Floor is an attempt to make such a concept reality.

In their "castle" in San Francisco, the guys behind have dedicated the top floor of their studios to TheUpperFloor. It is there that they have decided to, as they say, "test the feasibility of such a place and lifestyle." So far, I gotta say that it seems quite feasible. Masters, Mistresses and slaves assume their roles and you can watch what happens online.

If you are at all familiar with this network, then you know you're dealing with serious professionals in the art of kink. These aren't some wannabes. These folks create high-quality productions with an excellent knowledge of BDSM. They also like to share this knowledge and supply information on the site about 24/7 BDSM relationships.

There are 446 videos and they're updating once a week, although sometimes they add a part rather than a full-length video. The scenes are about 45 to 75 minutes long and you can download them in Windows Media and MP4 files (the MP4s can also be streamed in an embedded Flash player). You can expect high-def playback from the best version of each.

All the videos come with images, although some of them are just vid caps, giving you about 296 photo sets. Many of these are filled with large, high-res pictures, but don't discount the screen caps because they look pretty good too. For some unknown reason, they've removed the Zip files. I checked quite a few just to be sure and had no luck finding any.

They do live events and trainings, so you can watch as a slave is housetrained and then check out a fancy holiday party with drinks, good food and a slave tied to a table with her ass in the air and her head in a box. One of my favorites includes some fire play and this scene will have you doing a slow burn as the slave gets her tender nips and pussy teased with flames.

The participants are honest and really interested in what they do - and it comes through. A great example of this is a video where two Masters are discussing what the protocol should be when the slaves are elsewhere in the house and what to do when dealing with other people from the company who are not specifically from this site.

The vids are long and involved and really interesting and sexy for anyone who appreciates real BDSM, particularly slave training. The Upper Floor has really created something special that's worthy of your attention. You'd better obey!

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