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Charlie Black 

By: Charlie Black
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Peeping Hotel is the personal project of one man and his camera and the outcome is not bad. There's no hardcore to be seen, but you will find ladies of various shapes and sizes topless or fully nude as they change in and out of their bathing suits. Every now and then you might see a guy in the background, but the women always take centre stage.

It appears as though this fella lucked out when choosing his hotel room, because it's amazing how many women leave the door open while changing. There are some chicks who could be in their 20s, as well as slightly older gals possibly in their 50s. It's hard to tell because you never see their faces on PeepingHotel, just their breasts and often times their pussies as well.

At the moment, there are 42 movies and no photos or vid caps. The footage looks surprisingly stellar. I've seen lots of voyeur footage that looks pretty poor and I imagine many times it's because the cameraman has an unexpected opportunity to catch a naked chick unawares. With this site, though, he's lying in wait and it pays off.

There isn't anything explicit to find here. He does get in pretty close to these amateurs' exposed flesh, but they never spread their legs or anything, so don't count on seeing any pink. The only thing that differentiates the movies is the kind of woman you're going to see, because all of the action is comprised of dames peeling off their bras and sometimes thei panties, bustling around the room for a little while and getting dressed again. It should come as no surprise that these are really short movies.

Everything looks to be exclusive, but keep in mind there is a 1GB daily download limit and there are no bonus sites. Furthermore, there is no update schedule, so I can't tell you if anything new is going to be added any time soon. It's entirely possible he checked out and nothing else is coming until his next vacation - if at all.

Peeping Hotel has its downsides, but for the price you may consider giving it a look for a month or two. The videos are much better than on many other voyeur sites and you probably won't see any of them anywhere else.

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