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Tuesday O'Neil 

By: Tuesday O'Neil
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Back in the day, my mom wanted me to bone up on extracurricular activities to make getting into college easier. I think she might have tempered that enthusiasm a bit if Foot Sex Club has been one of the activities on offer. I would have signed up, though, because all that these hotties seem to do is use their soles and toes to stroke cocks to completion and I wouldn't mind getting in on the action.

FootSexClub is incredibly easy to navigate, although that might be because there's really just one section to the members' area. It's all about the videos here and all you need to do is go through them page by page.

That will give you 15 videos. They're previewed by one huge vid cap and a few smaller ones, so you'll get a good idea of the feet and the fun before you start downloading them. There's no streaming option. The Windows Media files provide good-quality playback and give some nice footage of the feet in action.

The scenes usually start out with a barefoot babe hanging out and then a dude appears. One thing leads to another and soon enough those finely pedicured tootsies are rubbing his dick through his jeans. That's never enough for either of them, however, so just minutes later his cock is out and the feet are lubed up, ready to stroke and massage their way to a creamy finale.

The same dude appears in all the footage, so he must have done something right in his life to get this lucky. Not only do these women have perfect feet, but also the rest of them are pretty gorgeous. I would have liked to appreciate their beauty in a few pics, but those preview shots are the only thing you'll get in that area. There aren't any photos.

If that's what you're really into, many of the seven bonus sites are worth checking out. Both Boot Sniffers and Nylon Sniffers only offer photos, whereas that's largely the collection on Fem Femdom as well. You'll definitely want to make use of those sites, because this one hasn't updated in a long time.

The collection is pretty bare on this site - although I suppose that just matches the bare feet - and the price is low to match. Still, foot fetishists might be disappointed by the small amount of pedi porn currently available on Foot Sex Club.

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  • Comment by: Henry

    Score: 23% Date: 11/10/2011

    I joined hoseclub with all the bonus sites including this one. I have finished looking at all the sites in an entire hour and there is nothing more to see. The video and picutres are of poor quality, and I am angry I got rip-offed. This is why I am writing this review. If the cost were 1.99, I might say the site is OK for the price. And I am saying this with all seriousness. Do not get ripped-off like me!