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Tuesday O'Neil 

By: Tuesday O'Neil
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I've seen nylon sites that were all about the posing and ones where the tights had to be torn. I've even seen a site where the gals had to wear them on their heads. But I had never seen one where the whole point was to give the silky things a nice, long, deep smell - until I checked out Nylon Sniffers, that is.

Scientists say that smell plays a huge role in attraction and I believe them. Nothing kills my attraction quicker than someone who's marinated in artificial scent, but give me the right person's natural aroma and I'm more than intrigued. And after a woman has spent the whole day encased in nylon, you can bet that fabric has picked up some delicious smells, so wanting to give the nylons a sniff as they do on NylonSniffers only makes sense.

And the only thing better than getting to do the smelling yourself would be to see the woman smell her own pair of pantyhose, or maybe trade off whiffs with a sexy, silky legged pal. That's the kind of action you'll find here, but not in video form. There aren't any movies on the site.

What you get instead are 25 photo galleries. At first glance, it looks like you get more, but many are broken up into several parts. The sets contain around 100 pics each and they capture the weave of the nylons in perfect detail. You can't download the galleries in Zip files, but at least you can download the images one by one.

Since our initial visit back in 2010, there has only been one addition to the collection. The good news is that they replaced all the existing pictures with high-res versions of them (in the past, they were all medium-res). However, it has been a long time since the site updated in any fashion at all.

I couldn't take my eyes off a pair of brunette babes. They started off in high heels and thigh-highs, but soon, after a good sniffing, the shoes were tossed away and they concentrated on the pantyhose. On the couch, they scissored their legs together, so they could smell and suck each other's nylons at the same time.

As a member, you get access to six bonus sites, including Fem Femdom, Boot Sniffers, Foot Sex Club and Footwear Club. These add value to a membership, but they don't change the fact that Nylon Sniffers is a pretty small site. Given that it's tiny and not getting any bigger, you probably shouldn't bother with it.

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