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Suzie Finscoth 

By: Suzie Finscoth
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NDN Girls features Native American girls giving some succulent blowjobs and tug-tastic handjobs. These amateurs come in all shapes and sizes, have playful attitudes and seem to enjoy doing the shimmy, so to speak.

Shimmy, the man behind NDNGirls, was working at a casino near the US/Canadian border when he got the idea for this site. The community he was living in included many Ojibwa and Cree babes and he figured it was time for the whole online world to appreciate these ladies.

The 19 videos aren't the most well-produced videos that you will ever see (especially his first film that he shot with a $2 LED flashlight in a bathroom), but they have real amateur charm. The lighting varies, but the sound is terrific. Every slurp and suction noise can be heard perfectly.

Shimmy gives most of his scenes a star rating and a fairly lengthy write-up. He honestly points out the problems he had with the flicks and gives some interesting and funny background information. The POV blowjob/handjob vids come in different video formats depending on the individual scene in question. Most are high-def MP4s, but there are also DivX-encoded AVI files, MPEGs and Windows Media videos. Keep in mind that many videos look less impressive than their bit rates suggest, though.

There are six photo galleries. On the homepage, beneath the menu at the top, there's a news tidbit that says the photos and most recent videos have been uploaded. Beneath that, are the lengthy write-ups mentioned earlier that are associated with the older videos.

The photos are not always oriented correctly and there is no way to rotate them online. Plus, you're going to get some pics that are fuzzy and poorly lit. They are super high-res images. You'll see small droplets of sweat and cum glistening in great detail. There are also pics of Shimmy's desk, a car and a drawing that someone gave him while working as a security guard. It's random, but amusing.

Intermixed among the updates are ads for third-party sites and even to get you to join this site. Everything is set up the way you would find on an Internet newsletter, so it's far from being the most user-friendly experience. There's a model index linked to at the top, but it actually takes you to a live cam site that costs extra.

However, there's a forum for members to leave comments on photos, a blog that looks pretty active and four bonus movies. Shimmy's blog posts are both entertaining and candid. You can learn about his experiences in the industry, his turn offs and his take on the money hustle. You also get three bonus clips starring mature white chicks.

There is definitely a lot of room for improvement on NDN Girls, but the site has personality. That said, only six movies have been added in the last 18 months, two of which are nonexclusive scenes that star pornstars. When it comes down to price vs. what you get, there really isn't enough to justify the cost.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: Slim Good Body

    Score: 55% Date: 02/23/2013

    I signed up with the site for one month and I feel that it was well worth the 30 bucks. Why? This is truly niece porn, I have seen porn sites featuring white, black, asian, latina, arab, muslim, jewish etc.. women, but never in my life have I seen porn featuring REAL Native American or aboriginal women. In addition, you also get access to Mr Shimmys other site featuring Dominican women(also rather rare on the net). So... consider this the PRO. This site has satisfied my curiosity about what what native women are like naked etc..

    Ok the CON: The native american site could be much more user friendly and is literally abandonware as it has not been updated with new models in years. Shimmy treats this project as something that he spent considerable time and effort to put on the net, so he expects it to generate income, until the end of time, without adding new content to keep subscribers coming back. My guess is that what little money he does earn from the site will be from those who sign up for a month or two and cancel their memberships. From what I had read from Shimmy's blog, it is almost impossible for him to go back to Canada and update NDNgirls.com, because he is on so many aboriginal canadians s-list. To the extent that he could encounter physical violence there. He could film natives in the U.S., but they would be hard to find.

    Also, the women on the NDN site are mostly drug and/or alcohol addicted, which obviously diminishes their physical or sexual appeal. Hence, the quality of girls could be much better. Shimmy has definately bottom-fed in that respect. I know that there is a lot of alcoholism and drug addiction in the Indian community in Canada, but they can't all be that way.

    If Mr Shimmy should happen to read this I hope he takes this as constructive critisizm, he has indeed captured a niece market. The porn has good video and audio quality, but needs to be updated consistently to grow and maintain marketability.

  • Comment by: Ron

    Score: 60% Date: 01/24/2013

    In my opinion this site sucks.For $30 a month I would expect more videos,pictures,updates,the ability to stream movies & better looking girls.Mind you the video sizes average at 700mb to over 1 to 3 gb which takes forever to download.One video is 5.6 gigs.I mean it would make sense to split the movies up for the convenience of your members but I guess that's why the site owner mails you a "free" dvd when you join so really you're paying 30 bucks for a ndngirls dvd.On top of that he wants you to pay $5.00 shipping so $35 for a site and a dvd which probably has the same scenes on it as the website = NOT WORTH IT.

  • Comment by: Devil's Advocate

    Score: N/A Date: 01/31/2012

    Absolutely atrocious! Poor quality, half-assed filming, and virtually no effort aside from whining about how difficult it is to shoot porn in Canada, and that's not mentioning the marginalization of native girls in which Shimmy excuses as being a part of the 'niche' of the site. We can all do without this garbage on the net.

  • Comment by: Ras

    Score: 45% Date: 01/19/2011

    I've checked out all the previews for the site and read a decent bit of his writing (which is pretty hilarious and enjoyable), but 13 videos for 30 bucks a month with sporadic updates....that's a hell negatory. Maybe in a few years if the content has grown and the price has dropped, but seriously I'd maybe break off 15 bucks a month for it now, and only keep it if I see at LEAST 2 updates in a month, which really isn't askin much. It looks real interesting, but I just ain't got 30 bucks to put on such a small slowly growing collection.

  • Comment by: Mike

    Score: 89% Date: 04/26/2010

    its about time somebody made a site with REAL native girls instead of dressing up latinas and trying to "pass them off" as native. some of the girls are a bit average looking and others downright homely, but no doubt they are the real deal. the video files are huge and take a while to download but they are very high quality and worth the wait. i got a free dvd in the mail too about a week after joining that was icing on the cake