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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Authentic Footballers is where you will see real South American soccer players. I have to say that some of these Latin players seem rather metrosexual, so when you see them posing in homoerotic underwear ads and calendars, somehow it doesn't seem so strange. They come from Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina.

AuthenticFootballers has 349 videos to download in Windows Media format with good to high-def playback. They are working to reformat the older updates to be in HD too. Many of the downloaded files are license protected and there's 5GB daily download limit, so it's probably good that each video comes in several clips. They've also added Microsoft Silverlight versions for newer updates, so they're Mac compatible.

You'll see an interview, getting naked, masturbation and the shower afterward. Many shoots have bonus footage, so, for example, you might see guys in the washroom doing a little target practice with the old uncut super-soaker in the can.

Most scenes are solo, but you'll see some mutual masturbation. Occasionally, a couple of fellows might be pals enough to do some touching, but, believe me, it's furtive and awkward. You're really going to believe these hunks are heterosexual, even the ones who don't overly exude machismo.

It helps, of course, that they look the part, as many don't just have a touch of chest hair, they're actually quite hairy. Personally, there's nothing like seeing a firm pair of hairy, manly thighs. A few have unibrows and that always looks a little primeval. I picture the man grunting at me after he comes back from hunting and wants to continue the species.

There are 349 photo sets to preview each stud before you download the clips (again, each spread is split into subsets to match the clips). There are also some bonus pics similar to the bonus videos and some have high-res images.

Updates are weekly as far as I can tell. There are no extras or bonus sites. I should also mention that if you question whether these guys play for real teams, you can normally find a few shots called "in the field" where you'll see them in team pictures.

They sometimes blur out the team logo, but some of the guys are married and I'm sure they'd get picked on if their teammates ever found out what they did. Authentic Footballers is definitely worthwhile if you like to ogle athletic, masculine Latinos.

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