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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Television X is a good porn site on its own, but there is an interesting television tie-in to it that some of you might already know about. Those of you who have already subscribed to the channel on Sky TV that goes by the same name can get a membership to the website free of charge. But if you don't have the TV part, then you will need to purchase a membership (for a low price, by the way).

Given that TelevisionX is free for the TV channel subscribers, there's absolutely no reason for them not to sign up for a membership. Is it worthwhile for those of us who have to pay, though? That's what we'll determine here.

We were impressed with the design the first time we visited, but now it's got a whole new look. There used to be separate video and photo sections, but they've been done away with. These days, the only way to browse the material is by using a series of drop-down menus, which make finding films that'll appeal to you relatively easy, but they don't make it easy to count what's there. It seems that there are 186 DVDs to watch and that translates to around 740 scenes.

The flicks feature some of the hottest ladies in all of porn and these babes can be seen taking part in all kinds of hardcore action. They give blowjobs, get fucked good and hard, hook up with multiple partners, get jizzed on and have some lesbian fun with other beauties. The women come in all shapes and sizes and they vary in age as well, so don't be surprised if you come across a teen in one scene and a granny in another.

An unfortunate thing about the movies is that they can't be downloaded. The only way to enjoy them is by streaming them in an embedded Flash player. On the bright side, the vids tend to look good, they load quickly and you're free to jump ahead to get to the good parts. 

There used to be pictures, but now there are no photos to be had. If there are pics, they're well hidden, because I couldn't find them. Another thing the site lacks is extras, but that isn't such a big deal seeing as how there is already a lot of movies to watch. It seems that more continue to be added, but I can't be sure of how often because nothing is dated. That said, the tour tells us that updates come daily. 

Downloadable videos are really all that's lacking from Television X. However, the low price, amount of content and variety make getting a membership pretty appealing. (And, remember, if you already subscribe to the TV channel, then there is no reason not to sign on up.)

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  • Comment by: Simon D Carey Jr

    Score: 25% Date: 01/31/2011

    The content is fine but I have a big problem with the site. 06 Oct 2010 I signed up for six months and was confirmed. After 30 days or so they keep telling me my subscription is canceled for lack of payment. Their tech support tells me I am OK but the problem keeps recurring. Today 31 Jan 2011 I am giving up on this flakey site, and kissing it off