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Updated on: 08/02/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Since we last visited OsakaSchoolgirls...

  • The site hasn't gotten any bigger and although we've given them the benefit of the doubt in the past, it's obvious that they're rotating content at this point.
  • They've broken down the advanced search engine into two separate elements. Now there's a simple keyword search and separate filtering options that can be applied to your search results. The latter can also be used on their own to browse content.

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Osaka Schoolgirls brings you sexy nubile Japanese babes. They don't all appear in school uniforms, but you will see a few in knee socks, plaid skirts and sailor blouses. I also noticed one chick dressed as a cheerleader. No matter what they wear, they all look squeaky clean and innocent until the masturbation or sex gets underway. They have such petite frames that it's quite the sight to see them taking on two or more cocks at once.

There are 114 videos on OsakaSchoolgirls and you can download and stream them in a few formats. The best gives you good-quality playback and you'll also find files for mobile devices. There are also 92 galleries to download in Zip files, but many of the sets contain vid caps (some videos only come with vid caps). Still, you'll get a good idea of what to expect and because the women are so beautiful, seeing a picture is worth a thousand words. I especially liked the facial shots.

As far as updating goes, they continue to date the content as if it's added on a weekly basis, but the overall number of scenes has remained consistent, although at one point there was one more video. I think it's safe to assume at this point that they're rotating content.

The gals all seem to have a collection of sex toys. This is obvious when the girl is on her own masturbating, but even the chicks who have a man's dick to play with are often warmed up with a vibrator by the guy before they fuck. I saw a girl tied up and ball-gagged while her pussy was teased mercilessly with a Hitachi Magic Wand.

My preference, though, has to be the hardcore action. Even though these scenes have all-Asian casts, I appreciate that, unlike most porn from Japan, the penetration is not pixelated. You'll see the old in-and-out, which gets intense in some cases. Some of these gals end up plugged in both holes. They look so tiny in comparison to the men whose hands often engulf their perky titties.

Included with your membership is access to a bunch of extras videos as well as a good number of bonus sites, including Teens Tryout, Old Fat Pervert, Its Your Porn, Piss Poor Bitches and She Talks Dirty. You get hundreds of additional scenes to download, even though most (maybe even all) of those other sites also aren't growing. There's no longer an advanced search engine to help sort through all this content, but the filtering options and basic keyword search will suffice.

Osaka Schoolgirls is definitely worth checking out, especially if you also like the non-Asian bonus content. Just keep in mind that the collection is never going to get any bigger, so with no chance of it growing, your stay here might not last indefinitely.

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