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Updated on: 05/10/2015

A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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  • You're looking at almost 100 more galleries, but the content still isn't dated, so a schedule isn't clear.

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Leandro Comics is the official site of Leandro Oliveira, a graphic designer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who's been drawing and making up tales from an early age. After graduating from design college, he decided to work in the adult industry and recreate some of your favorite comic book characters in a whole new way. If you find female superheroes sexy watch them get screwed by arch villains or their superhero friends.

LeandroComics has 322 sets of images for you to enjoy. Some are pages of sequential art, while others simply bring you pics of comic book characters fucking. The images are often high-res (1200x1700) and look really good, but you can't save them. It looks easy enough by right-clicking, but you end up saving just a part of the image rather than full thing.

Even though I'm not really into the whole comics scene, I'm surrounded by self-proclaimed comic book nerds in the office. It really doesn't matter, though, because the inspirations for Leandro's work are such a large part of popular culture that unless you've been living under a rock you'll recognize most of the characters. It helps, of course, that many of his muses have already come to life on the big screen.

Although the site only has 1 video, a good-looking streaming-only clip that shows Batman getting his dick wet, all-time comic favorites like X-Men, Spider-Man and Lara Croft of "Tomb Raider" have been spun into box-office gold. Leandro also has some Justice League spreads and I remember seeing the team in action on Saturday morning TV.

Obviously, the difference with Leandro's take on these characters is that there's lots of sex. We're talking solo toy play, lesbians, blowjobs, screwing and anal, which he seems to love because every chick he draws likes a dick in all her holes.

Leandro has also created some original characters. For example, you'll meet Eugene, a dude who transforms from a loser to a winner thanks to a love potion he concocts. It makes him and his giant cock so desirable to the opposite sex that even his own stepmother can't help but be seduced by him. He actually bangs her up the butt while she's talking to his dad on the phone. There's also Megachick who has to fight off the Purple Clan to defend the City of Metropole.

The content isn't dated, but it looks like there have been about 100 new galleries in the last two years or so. As one of my colleagues pointed out, this artist obviously puts a lot of time and effort into his artwork, so it's pretty impressive that he manages to update as often as he does.

Leandro Comics has some unique content and is worth joining if the thought of superheroes screwing appeals to you. There's some really great art on display here and a membership is very reasonable compared to other comic sites.

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  • Comment by: Spooky Kid

    Score: 75% Date: 09/06/2012

    Been a member for the site for a few months now and have been enjoying it a lot. Only issue would be not being able to save the images but there are ways to get around that. At the end of the day its a good site with nice art and a wide variety of sex superheros fucking!