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Penelope Hall 

By: Penelope Hall
Number of Reviews: 19
Average Score: 68

When you want a soft pair of lips wrapped around a hard cock, go straight to the expert: Fellucia Blow. This sensual chick has all the right moves and loves to get her knees dirty with a hardcore suckjob that leaves her and some lucky studs fully satisfied -she even sometimes lets her girlfriends give head in a scene.

FelluciaBlow should know everything there is to know about blowjobs. After all, her name evokes images of long, sensual BJs. This orally-fixated hottie hasn't yet amassed a huge collection, but, as anyone knows, quantity takes time. It's unfortunate that they removed a bunch of scenes that were here last time.

You'll find 13 videos, all of them focused on either Fellucia or one of her friends sucking a dick to a creamy mouthfull of jizz. This beautiful blonde loves to perform, which is made clear by her sexy scenes that are filmed with a real erotic, glossy and sensual approach. The scenes are available for download in a couple formats, both of which give you high-def playback.

There are also 18 sets of glossy photos that you can browse through and you can download the images individually. The shots are very crisp and definitley fit our criteria for high-res. The images all feature a hottie sucking back a giant dick. They don't waste time stripping or getting to know you via the camera - they just opens up and start.

A particular fave of mine is the shoot with her blowing a dude beside a pool table. The guy takes one shot and that is all it takes to get her going because she moves right to her knees and works his rod in her mouth until he has covered her tongue with his load of man milk.

It's hard to tell how often Fellucia adds new content to her site given that nothing is dated, so you might have some time to kill while you wait for fresh vids and pics. You can, however, use that time to check out the 30+ bonus sites, like Brooke Babylon and Sexxy Brandon. You can also enjoy watch some video feeds.

If you love sensual blowjobs, Fellucia Blow and her girlfriends will entice you. However, until she adds more content I don't see enough value in a membership.

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  • Comment by: Rubique

    Score: 100% Date: 12/09/2013

    This girl can suck beyond what I thought was possible. She definitely can give lessons. There are not a lot of videos, no zip picture sets but it's totally worth the money in there. I would melt in her mouth

  • Comment by: Miles

    Score: 100% Date: 05/30/2010

    Simply amazing a must see for a Soft-core BJ fan.

  • Comment by: Angela Torrillo

    Score: 90% Date: 02/06/2010

    I love Fellucia Blow. My fiance is totally in love with her. I like that he watches blow job videos versus hardcore nasty pornos. And she makes me wet. She knows how to tease a dick! Does she give lessons?